Industry leaders empower the NWRIC to begin policy development

Apr 5, 2017 Resources

The National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) has received support from Australia’s largest waste management companies – and has begun operations.

The debate on plastic

Jun 27, 2016 Resources

The design phase needs to change for plastic bags to have a future says GRANT MUSGROVE. The debate on plastic bags in Australia is rather unsophisticated and the problem is complex. At the outset, I should say there’s no simple answer, but the issue with plastic bags really arises at the design phase – they’re […]

Learn from the new wave in innovation

May 24, 2016 Resources

Local innovators are leading the way on sustainability innovation – learn from three of the best Australia has long been on the global innovation radar across many industries, and now the world sustainability community is sitting up and taking note of a new wave of local environmentally focussed entrepreneurs and innovators coming from ‘the land […]

Q&A with Kalleske Wines, winner of the 2015 ‘Banksia Gold Award’ and 2015 ‘Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership Award’

May 24, 2016 Resources

We sat down with Troy Kalleske, Winemaker and Co-Owner of Kalleske Wines on the back of the 2016 Banksia Awards launch to talk about some of the initiatives that are driving best practice within the business. Kalleske won the 2015 Banksia Award for the its energy and water efficiency work. Can you describe how you […]

Innovation has the power to generate industry-wide change

May 24, 2016 Resources

Simply doing what was done last year with waste contracts can be a potential barrier to innovation. Innovation is a water cooler conversation word – it’s overused and underappreciated. While every organisation wants to be seen as innovative – a characteristic that is associated with being versatile, capable and courageous – most are at best, […]

Revolutionising how we benchmark, report and improve

May 3, 2016 Resources

Updates from the BBP on Operational Waste Guidelines and NABERS With no previous set standard on how we report on waste management outcomes, there have been no benchmarks, no measurement frameworks and a huge amount of varying methodologies on how we talk about waste performance – leading us to question, how do your procurement and […]

The carrot or the stick?

May 3, 2016 Resources

The first cities were established in Mesopotamia around 7500 BC. Since then we have developed and refined systems and practices for the disposal of waste. That’s almost 10,000 years of accumulated experience of throwing unwanted stuff into a bucket or pile, and a person, whose job it is to do so, takes it away. In […]

It’s now mandatory to have a weighbridge for all waste operations in NSW!

Aug 5, 2015 Resources

1st November 2014, the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) introduced new regulations regarding the measurement and recording of waste, known as “the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014 (‘2014 Waste Regulation’)”.  One of the main provisions of the Waste Regulation was that all licensed waste operators in the levy-payable area have to install […]

Q&A with Courtney McGregor

Jul 28, 2015 Resources

Updates and Innovations Speaking on Thursday 13th August, 2016 at 2:15pm-3:45pm Courtney McGregor   Q1: What do you think is one of emerging innovations that will change the industry for this year? I think with the growing issue of Food Waste going to landfill this beckons more innovation from the waste industry but also the […]

Waste efficiency soon to be a reality in Sydney new guidelines

Jul 24, 2015 Resources

The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) – a City of Sydney initiative in collaboration with Foresight Environmental – has developed and launched Operational Waste Guidelines to help building owners, property managers and waste companies to work more effectively using a standard across their portfolios. These guidelines have been released in the days before the Australasian Waste […]