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Connecting the industry online

Sep 24, 2020

This November, we are set to bring the waste and recycling industry together through our online event. Melissa Clendinen, Product Manager of AWRE, gives a run down on what to expect from the two day interactive online program.

Reimagining the show into an online event is a first for AWRE, with our team very excited to be able to still provide a platform for the industry to connect and do business. It has always been our aim to bring the community together after the tough recent months, giving professionals and the industry a place to gather and work on navigating the changing world, together.

“We believe that by making the decision early to move the event to a digital format, this would offer all attendees the opportunity to be involved in an environment where they all felt safe,” says Melissa on the decision to move the event to the online space. “All of the AWRE partners have been extremely supportive from the outset as well, which made the decision to run a digital event over the existing two days of the show even easier and the obvious step to take.”

“In offering an online event, audiences both interstate and international can more easily access a world of solutions and connect with the waste and recycling community, where they may have not been able to do previously,” says Melissa. “We’re committed to bringing the industry a platform where they can re-connect, and navigate the rapidly growing and changing landscape of waste and recycling,” she continues.

Running across two days, the online event will provide an engaging experience for those that attend, with a jam-packed schedule of seminar sessions. We have conference elements with live Q&As, panels and polls, and meeting hubs for attendees to network.

AWRE’s traditional education program over the past 10 years has been a popular focus for visitors, with 54% of 2019 attendees coming to attend the speaker series and 74% of them walking away highly satisfied, and the 2020 online event will be no different.

“The quality of all of our presentations are all extremely high and it is great to have our association partners onboard to assist in the curation,” Melissa says. The online event will be run with major partner NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and supported by a number of key industry bodies including the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC), Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association (WCRA), Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)MRA Consulting Group and the Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP).

The highly regarded Mike Ritchie, Managing Director of MRA Consulting Group, will be the host over the two days, moderating 20+ keynote speakers across the 10 sessions, and putting your questions to the speakers.

The Minister for Energy and Environment, Matt Kean will be opening the event, providing an overview of the 20 year waste strategy.

Featured sessions include a deep dive into the NSW Circular Economy Program, a discussion on trending topics such as waste-to-energy, e-waste and its development in the industry, the implementation of sustainable packaging guidelines, the Recycling Modernisation Fund, and an outline of the food waste and compostable guidelines.

Attendees will have the opportunity to put their questions to the speakers via a live Q&A – exactly as you would have at the traditional AWRE,” Melissa says.

“We’re also very excited to introduce the inclusion of a live exhibition, product launches and technology and solutions demonstrations over the two days.” Exhibitors will be showcasing their solutions to the online audience through 15 minute sessions, with attendees able to book appointments to speak with the exhibitors first hand.

AWRE 2020 aims to provide our visitors and exhibitors with an experience as close to a live exhibition as possible.

Registration for the AWRE 2020 online event will be opening soon. Subscribe here to stay up to date on event news and information.


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