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MobileMuster- Live installation

Jul 31, 2015

Mobile Muster will be doing a live installation of a replica of the MCG made entirely out of mobile phones on the show floor.

The Problem 

There are 5.7 million old mobiles in storage throughout Victoria. Enough to cover the surface of MCG 1 1/2 times.

The Solution 

If every person attending an AFL game at the MCG recycled 2 old mobiles during the season we could divert these mobiles from landfill.

The Benefits 

This would keep 985 tonnes of waste from landfill which has the equivalent environmental impact of planting 30, 000 trees.


About MobileMuster

MobileMuster is the Australian mobile phone industry’s official product stewardship program. It’s a free mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. Basically, it’s the industry’s way of ensuring mobile phone products don’t end up in landfill – but instead are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way.

So why is this important? Well, over 90% of the materials used in a mobile are recyclable and can be reused, avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting our environment and conserving scarce natural resources.

Mobile phone components should also never be thrown in the rubbish, where they can end up in landfill. For one thing they’re not biodegradable, so they won’t break down. On top of that, mobiles contain some substances that can potentially harm the environment if not disposed of correctly.

At MobileMuster, we aim to make sure mobiles are handled properly at the end of their useful lives. Our mission is simple. We promise to keep mobile phones out of landfill. All we are asking you to do is to promise to recycle them.

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