A Testimonial: Philip Leslie – Mercedes Benz Trucks

Feb 13, 2019 Event News

One of AWRE’s esteemed exhibitors Phillip Leslie National Manager – Mercedes Benz Trucks talks about how exhibiting at AWRE 2018 enabled his brand to find business on the East coast of Australia.

The Econic in waste disposal.

Mercedes  Benz exhibited their Econic product at AWRE 2018. Find out more here.

‘Driving through the morning rush hour, turning into tight residential streets packed full of parked cars, rapid emptying of bins and containers, and then moving on to the next location. Waste disposal is an important aspect of the modern closed-loop economy. It is hard work and requires great care, attention and power. Which is why the Econic has been specifically designed to make life easier. Getting in and out is gentle on the back. The modern cockpit, innovative assistance systems and the expanded field of vision through the panoramic glazing and folding door make for both greater driving comfort and improved safety. And the cab has enough room for up to four people. No wonder then that experienced professionals value their new colleague so highly’.

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