24-25 Aug 2022

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AWRE cancelled – new dates for 2022 announced

Jul 22, 2021 Event News

A message to our waste & recycling community.   We hope you are well and staying safe, wherever you are.  With the COVID-19 situation across the nation and particularly in Sydney unfolding rapidly, together with the expansion of the lockdowns in multiple cities, we have made the difficult decision to cancel AWRE 2021, scheduled to run […]

Live Events Are Back!

Apr 21, 2021 Event News

For over 30 years Diversified Communications Australia has been bringing people together to create platforms for businesses to connect and innovate.  We’re excited to see our events return in 2021, as we know they play an important role in driving industries forward. When you return to this year’s AWRE things will look a little different. […]

AWRE exhibitors eligible to cover costs as part of $50M Australian Business Events Grants Program

Mar 12, 2021 Event News

Australian Business Events Grants Program Deadline Extended & Criteria Updated The Australian Government announced an extension to the Business Events Grants program and changes to the program eligibility. The following changes have been announced: The minimum grant amount will be reduced to $5,000 (from $10,000) to allow smaller businesses the opportunity to apply. The application […]

Conquering Australia’s plastic problem

Dec 16, 2020 Recycling

Every minute, a million plastic drinking bottles and 9 million single-use plastic bags are produced worldwide, contributing to the 300 million tonnes of plastic waste we generate each year. Much of this ends up in the environment, where it can persist for centuries.

Clean performance for your city – the Econic

The demands on cities and communities are growing. The big challenge is to find sustainable solutions for densely populated towns.

WasteMaster converts and recycles organic waste as a beneficial resource

Dec 3, 2020 Organics

Addressing both the extremely damaging effect that organic waste has on the environment, and the seemingly unrestrained wastage of valuable resources such as water, Green Eco Technologies (GET) has developed an innovative and sustainable organic waste processing system, the WasteMaster, to tackle these global problems. The WasteMaster system takes positive action to prevent damaging emissions, […]

5 TAKEAWAYS | Compostables: A national, coordinated approach

Nov 30, 2020 Packaging

Compostable packaging consists of plant-based, recyclable materials, meaning it is made, disposed of and breaks down in a more environmentally-friendly manner than traditional plastic packaging.

5 TAKEAWAYS | E-Waste – Expanding the NTCRS

What will an expanded National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS), to include all electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) look like?

5 TAKEAWAYS | Container Deposit Scheme Harmonisation

Tasmania has signaled its intention to have a container deposit scheme (CDS) in full effect by 2022, with Victoria to follow by 2022/23.

5 TAKEAWAYS | National State of Waste

Nov 26, 2020 Waste Solutions

At the 2019 Federal Election waste and recycling made the national agenda as markets declined overseas and faltered domestically.

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