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Clean performance for your city – the Econic

Dec 9, 2020

The demands on cities and communities are growing. The big challenge is to find sustainable solutions for densely populated towns.

The industry are on the look out for solutions that not only aspire to combine performance and efficiency with maximum safety for road users, but also help make life easier for municipal workers and improve air quality in high pollution areas. Introducing the Econic from Mercedes-Benz.

Specially developed for urban use, the DirectVision Cab increases the field of vision with its low seating position, and increases safety in urban traffic. Plus, the modern assistance systems, paired with the low entry and exit and spacious cab, all aim to support the users whilst at work. The optional gas engine also gives the Econic the green light to work in environmental zones.

See the whole picture

The Econic with DirectVision Cab has been prepared to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by waste management teams, including streets lined with parked vehicles and confusing traffic situations. Giving users optimum all-round visibility, the low seating position and panaromic glazing extend the field of vision, positioning the driver at eye level with everyone on the road.

The camera system and mirrors works to prevent blind spots, providing all-round visibility aimed to make maneuvering easier and prevent hazards from arising.

Perfectly coordinated safety systems

The Econic with DriveVision cab includes a state-of-the-art imaging and sensor system, providing additional assistance when turning, maneuvering and reversing as well as when encountering unexepected obstacles.

Active Brake Assist, the sensor-assisted emergency braking system gives off visual and audible warnings when risks of collision arise, braking the vehicle automatically.

Another advantage includes the Blind Spot Camera System with automated display. With images from the camera in the exterior mirrors, a front-mounded and rear-view camera displayed on the 7-inch split screen monitor, drivers are able to see users and others on the road that may not be directly visible.

The low-entry concept

The Econic has been specifically designed to make life easier for waste disposal workers. The low entry and exit includes just two steps, helping to speed up workflow and protect back and joints. The spacious cab also creates room for up to four people.

The Econic also includes glazed folding doors that open inwards, providing access on the safer side and away from traffic. Plus, the cockpit was created to enhance comfort and convenience, involving a multifunction steering wheel and body/attachment controls with an emergency off-switch.

Naturally green-minded

The Econic comes with a gas engine with a natural gas drive. The engine emits 20% less CO2 emmissions than that of the environmentally friendly Blue Tec 6 diesel engine, and when running on biogas, is even CO2 neutral.

For more information on the Econic by Mercedez Benz, click here.

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