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End of Life Vehicle Recycling has changed forever!

Aug 19, 2019

Traditional methods of removing high grade materials from End of Life Vehicles (ELV) can be highly labour intensive and costly, in many cases making them economically unviable. Although a four-tine scrap grab will allow extraction of the engine, much of the added value materials are left behind resulting in the ELV dismantling companies missing out on great potential profit.

Neilson Engineering AU are very proud to introduce to Australia, Powerhands Vehicle Recycling Machine. This new generation of ELV processing equipment has made it possible to maximise profits and reduce waste by economically removing so many of the high-grade materials; allowing the extraction of high value copper wiring looms to axle and suspension components and electrical motors to radiators. Engines can be removed in seconds and split, removing alloy gearboxes and heads.

The beauty of the VRS is its ability to be fitted to most new or used makes of excavator or wheeled materials handler in the 18-22 tonnes category, in addition to its power and dexterity. The grapple features a slender, plier like shape, providing an unbroken line of sight from the operator to the vehicle, allowing valuable materials like the copper wiring loom to be extracted from even the tightest of areas. The VRS is constructed from high strength alloy steels, whilst all hydraulic components are completely protected and guarded from potentially damaging debris. Combine this with the power of both the grapple mounted shear for cutting the body shell and suspension brackets, and the high torque rotation unit on top of the grapple, and the VRS is the ultimate vehicle dismantling machine.

Want to know more?  Join Neilson Engineering on Stand D36 at AWRE Sydney 2019 and meet Ken Coupland, the designer of powerhands VRS 180 & VRS 200. Murray Clark, a Director of the 95 year old 4th generation Clark family business. And Thomas Neilson, Director of Neilson Engineering AU, the proud Australian dealers for powerhand and Clark Engineering UK.

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