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TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder by Finlay’s Terex Ecotec

Sep 22, 2020

The TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder by Terex Ecotec is suitable for all types of material, such as household waste, bulky waste, commercial and green waste, waste wood, tree stumps and roots.

Now available in Australia through Finlay Waste and Recycling, the Terex Ecotec TDS 825 Shredder is guided through a vigorous tracked undercarriage, making it an ideal solution for difficult surfaces and terrain.

Operators are also able to customize shredding programs, allowing them to configure the machine to fit their specific requirements to aid in maximising production.

The hydrostatic drive feature not only offers protection against contamination, it also makes room for bidirectional shredding. The feature works alongside independent gear boxes, enabling each shaft to run seperately, reducing warpage and improving shredding.

Shafts can also be controlled via the radio remote control to help manage blockages, with material being able to be repositioned before trying to shred again.

With 2.5 long shafts made from solid steel, the double shaft shredder comes with a fully welded tooth configuration providing a high production rate and excellent size reduction.

Directly below the shredding shafts is the replaceable breaker bar, which is located in the centre of the chamber. This controls the end product size by retaining material in the chamber, helping in reduction and protecting the transfer belt from damage by contaminants.

The high volume, tipping hopper provides optimum material feed and increases the feed area. It can be activated using either the control panel or remote control, and can be configured to suit the application.

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