24-25 Jul 2024

The Hitachi ZW-7 wheel loader launches at AWRE 2024!

Jun 28, 2024

The Hitachi ZW-7 wheel loader range elevates comfort and reliability, offering improved environmental performance, operability, operator comfort, and safety.

In addition to the launch of the ZW-7 Series, Hitachi Construction Machinery Pty Ltd (HCA) has recently introduced its first compact ZW80-5B wheel loader to the Australian market, weighing in at 5,465 kg with a robust 2.9-liter diesel engine.

“The strategic decision to introduce a compact wheel loader to the Australian market was driven by a thorough analysis of the evolving needs of diverse industries. Recognising the demand for a versatile and efficient solution, we aimed to provide customers with a compact yet powerful option,” said David Gallina, Product Manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd.

The ZW220-7 from the dash 7 series and the ZW80-5B will be on display at this year’s Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo at Darling Harbour on July 24-25, 2024. This event will be the first appearance for the compact wheel loader.

Hitachi’s range of wheel loaders feature spacious, ergonomically designed cabins with intuitive controls and a dual-motion synchronised seat and console assembly, combating operator fatigue and promoting better concentration.

With reliable, skilled labourers as hard to find as ever, Australian operators can afford to be increasingly discerning about the tools of their trade.

“It’s vital to maintain your staff; providing a comfortable working environment ensures operators feel fresh at the end of the day and are happy to return,” says David Gallina.

The internal noise has been reduced across the whole range of Hitachi wheel loaders, making them some of the quietest cabins in the industry.

The adjustable suspension seat cushions against shocks and vibrations while providing an extra-wide seatbelt that adjusts for an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Safety is also a particular focus, with features such as an Aerial Angle 270-degree bird’s-eye camera, a rear detection system with assist braking, and a new pressurised cabin to keep dust out. Specific visual alerts provide detailed guidance for function settings or warnings, allowing operators to maintain focus and rectify issues easily.

For example, if hydraulic oil is low, the system displays, “Hydraulic oil is low, please refill,” rather than just a sound or flashing light. The system also provides daily inspection reminders on the cabin’s high-resolution 8-inch monitor, helping operators maximise productivity.

Hitachi’s commitment to delivering reliable and durable machines is evident in the robust support structures and the use of large pins and bearings in the wheel loader’s center pin area. The side-by-side arrangement of the aluminium radiator and oil cooler allows for convenient access during routine maintenance and cleaning.

Designed for demanding environments, both the ZW220-7 and ZW80-5B are engineered for strong performance, making them ideal for the challenges faced in various industries. Along with their adaptability across multiple sectors, Hitachi wheel loaders illustrate HCA’s commitment to offering innovative and customised solutions to customers across diverse industries in Australia.

“Hitachi machines are 100 percent manufactured in Japan, however head office has taken customer feedback from Hitachi Europe and designed the cabin around European requirements and expectations regarding comfort,” David notes.

European-style cues are evident throughout the loader’s cabin, which could strengthen Hitachi’s position in the Australian market by appealing to customers familiar with European machinery.

“Most importantly, Hitachi products are extremely well supported in Australia via its wholly owned national support structure and 24 /7 customer service contact centre,” David says. “Just like Hitachi excavators, if you buy a Hitachi wheel loader, it will work well and be well supported.”

For further details on the Hitachi ZW-7 series or ZW80-5B compact wheel loader range, visit the Hitachi stand on F32 at the 2024 Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo or visit www.hitachicm.com.au

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