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Covering the entire waste stream, AWRE presents the industry's greatest product showcase of profitable and sustainable solutions to collect, process, recover and recycle waste.

Alternative Waste Technologies

There is an increasing need for the development of new technologies that recover resource from waste. Discover new and emerging alternative waste technologies for your business.

The waste management industry faces important decisions about managing the waste stream in the future. A new and niche sector for 2018, discover some of the technologies that are presenting themselves as alternatives to existing solid waste treatments and which convert waste into energy or useful by-products whilst minimising environmental impacts.


Waste is a growing issue across the planet. No matter what the size, source the latest waste containers to support your company’s needs.

Overflowing bins lead to environmental damage, poor user experience and increased operational costs. Compare leading bin providers to find the latest industrial skip bins, recycling bins and wheelie bins as well as sustainable, smart solutions such as sensor bins, solar bins and compostable bins to keep public and business spaces clean and connected.


eWaste is being sent to landfill at three times the rate of general waste. Find tailored solutions to safely and responsibly collect, recover and recycle your eWaste.

With the world’s eWaste surpassing 40 million tonnes a year, it’s becoming a major global problem and the show floor will rise to the occasion with more eWaste solutions on offer in 2018. Connect with specialised eWaste recycling companies to source innovative solutions to divert eWaste and other mercury waste from landfill and meet your environmental targets.

Food & Organics

Global food loss and waste amounts to between one third and one half of all food produced. Find the latest solutions to divert organic waste from landfill and reduce waste disposal costs.

With food waste estimated to cost the Australian economy $20 billion each year, the food & organics sector will take up a higher footprint in 2018. Connect with leading solution providers and industry associations to discover solutions which convert food and organic waste into reusable resources including the latest aerobic digesters, composters, collection containers and sustainable food packaging.

Machinery & Equipment

A successful waste management operation demands the best equipment. Discover the latest machinery and equipment providing the backbone to the industry.

One of the most popular sectors of the show floor, our machinery & equipment offering includes everything from balers and shredders to compacters and sorters. Compare the latest kit from leading brands to maximise recovery rates, reduce reliance on landfill and increase waste management efficiency and profitability.

Software & Services

The waste and recycling industry is looking to technological innovation as a driver for future success. Explore software and services to keep your business operating efficiently now and into the future.

This sector has traditionally showcased leading service providers including legal and finance, however our offering will expand in 2018 to satisfy increasing demand for emerging technological innovation including the latest waste management software such as navigation and route planning and smart waste management solutions powered by IoT technologies.


The collection and transportation of waste is often the first link in the supply chain. Feel the power of the latest truck and vehicle models which keep the industry moving.

Weighing anything from 26 tonnes, it’s no surprise that our vehicle sector takes up the largest area of the show floor. Connect with industry leading brands to find a complete collection solution that works for your business and meets today’s specialised collection requirements. See a range of collection applications on show including the latest wheel loaders, excavators and skid steer loaders.

Waste & Environmental Management

Businesses today are focused on reducing waste management costs whilst committing to environmental sustainability. Find the right partner to manage all your waste and recycling needs.

With an annual turnover of $15 billion and employing 50,000 people, the waste and recycling industry is essential to Australia’s economy. Whether you’re a commercial, industrial or municipal organisation, connect with leading waste management companies to find a complete solution to reduce, reuse, recycle and safely dispose of your waste across recyclable material, general waste, construction & demolition waste, organic matter, liquids and more.

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