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Cardboard recyclers tackle the war on waste

Aug 14, 2018

920,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard has been exported to China, with Australia’s generating about two tonnes of waste annually.

With the new ban on imported waste we are seeing Australian businesses look for new and innovative ways to reduce waste and maximise current materials including. The latest cardboard shredder from FP Mail encapsulates just that as it reduces, reuses and recycles cardboard.

FP Mail have been supplying paper shredders since 1988.Their Rongda brand of cardboard shedders turn scrap cardboard into environmentally friendly packaging, to replace unfriendly products such as bubble wrap and poly-styrene.

How the cardboard shredder works

The machines work by placing your scrap cardboard in and the shredder then presses patterns into the cardboard increasing flexibility. The output material is ideal for void fill or as protective covering. This packaging can then continue to be re-used until it is ultimately recycled again.

Initial testing in the market has led to hundreds of cardboard shredders now in use, resulting in tonnes of scrap cardboard being diverted from recycling bins and rubbish tips and being converted into quality, sustainable packaging.

FP Mail are exhibiting at AWRE 2018 on Stand E20. Visit them to find out more about recycling and reusing cardboard. Register free for AWRE 2018, 29-30 August at ICC Sydney

*Source: https://www.smh.com.au/environment/sustainability/a-billion-kilograms-of-rubbish-in-need-of-a-new-home-20180406-p4z88a.html

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