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Closing the loop on hazardous waste recycling

Aug 14, 2018

Hazardous waste, sometimes referred to as ‘prescribed industrial waste’ (PIW), is the hazardous by-product of everyday goods and services.

This includes waste produced from the manufacturing of vehicles, paint and plastics, dry-cleaning services, fast food outlets, dental surgeries and hospitals.

Many of these by-products have properties that make them hazardous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. As well as the general regulatory requirements relating to waste, additional regulatory requirements may apply. The NSW EPA enforces these rules to protect our air, waterways, land and the health of the community for the future.

Closed Loop Recycling for hazardous waste

Bradbury Industrial Services are specialists in the collection of all types of industrial hazardous waste. They also provide dangerous goods storage and transportation services.

Bradbury are also environmentally conscious and take pride in their recycling of hazardous waste back into products usable in Australian industry.

This process allows for Closed Loop Recycling; the customer sends Bradbury their waste and it is processed (Distillation, Fractionation or Molecular Treatment) and the send them back their recycled material at a fraction of virgin solvent cost.

Bradbury Industrial Services are exhibiting at AWRE 2018, visit them on stand B51 to find out more about their specialist waste storage and disposal solutions.

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