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JOEST’s solution to waste and recycling incineration

Oct 28, 2021

When it comes to the bulk handling process, there is no limit to the design imagination for JOEST products, whether your need is pre-classifying or sorting, separation and screening or conveying and dosing. With the variety and combination of proven JOEST technologies, there is a range of system solutions available specific to the recycling and waste incineration process.

Have a peak into the range of JOEST machinery available.

Oscilla Screen (Flip Flow Screen)

The JOEST Flip-Flow- Screen OSCILLA is the ideal solution for sticky & difficult to screen materials. Typical applications are in homogenous & wet recycling material as well as high moisture & sticky ash, minerals & clay type materials. The particle size is typically between 0 – 100mm.

Finger Screen (Stabrofix – Stabroflex)

In the finger rod screen sector JOEST offers the reliable STABROFIX & STABROFLEX system. The assembling of the finger rod screen is characterized by arranged upon other screen decks, whereby the finger rods can be fixed or mounted flexible, enabling to prepare perfectly bulk material with varying screening behaviour.


The JOEST AirVibe 2 – Vibratory Air Separator provides a coarse separation of inhomogeneous, mostly dry recycling ma¬terial with a maximum particle size of 300 mm (12 inches). The material mix is separated by different densities, shapes and surface characteristics into the desired product groups.

Zig Zag

The Zig Zag separator is used for very precise separation due to multi-stage-cross-flow separation (8 to 15 separation stages).

The particle size is typically between 0 – 80mm.

Table Separator

Very precise separation effect via special working
screen elements, ideal air distribution and combined
cross-flow separation
+ Constant operating conditions and simple handling
+ Very robust construction
+ Easy accessibility and cleaning possibilities


Explore JOEST’s range of products at the upcoming AWRE 2022 event or reach out to them via their website and explore their range of recycling and waste incineration solutions available.

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