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How mobile picking stations ensure best practice safety at any site

Jul 25, 2016

Protecting workers is an essential part of waste management – mobile picking stations are able to ensure best practice safety at any site.

While picking stations have long been a part of MRFs, small facilities and pop-up recycling sites have suffered from a lack of proper picking stations.

Now, new capital equipment supplier Focus Enviro have begun installing the EDGE MPS48 mobile picking stations in Australia. Focus Enviro Director Robbie McKernan described how the enclosed cabins offer vastly improved working conditions – including reducing dust and noise and climate exposure for picking station workers.

“As received waste is spread onto the belt, this makes it easier to identify and remove high hazard items – including hypodermic needles, gas bottles and batteries,” McKernan said.

Meanwhile, picking stations also mean improved resource recovery. “Operators can comfortably remove any plastics, wood and cardboard for further recycling and the final over-band magnet removes ferrous contamination and protects the downstream shredding process from high wear, downtime and associated maintenance costs.”

According to McKernan, the key reason to install a mobile picking station are:

Efficiency – the EDGE MPS48 eliminates the ‘time in motion’ and hazard from traditional manual picking on the reception floor. The recovery rates escalate while the modular design allows the customer to add to the number of bays required as their separation change or production increases.

Mobility – With same day set-up, ease of positioning, cleaning and re-location, the EDGE MPS48 mobile picking stations can run independently or become an integral part of an existing process.

Safety – With picking stations, workers are protected from hazards while working in an enclosed, lit and ventilated area.

Meanwhile, Focus Enviro is a new company which was recently launched in Australia. “We are a young, proactive and growing business …but we’re backed by manufactures with over 60 years of experience and success worldwide within the waste and organics industries,” McKernan said.

“We approach to environmental equipment supply and support within Australia, a model that tailors solutions to match applications and individual customer requirements.

“Our mission statement is to supply the ‘lowest cost per tonne’ processing solutions. We make this possible via our experience in the Australian waste and organics market and the proven reliability of our international manufacture partners.”

To learn more about Focus Enviro, visit them at AWRE 2016. Alternatively, contact Robbie at [email protected].


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