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10 Reasons to Partner with MobileMuster

Sep 17, 2014

As businesses and local councils continue to integrate sustainability initiatives within their policies and systems, where and how a you dispose of old and unused mobiles is increasingly coming to the forefront. We have put together 10 reasons why businesses and councils should partner with MobileMuster, AWRE Product Partner and the mobile phone industry’s official recycling program.

1. Government Accredited. 
MobileMuster has been formally accredited by the Federal Government as Australia’s first voluntary product stewardship scheme under the Product Stewardship Act 2011. This gives assurances to partners that the mobiles and accessories they collect will be recycled to the highest environmental standards using world best practices.

2.   Free Service.
MobileMuster provides collection partners with a free collection unit, pick-up and processing service. We also provide promotional and educational resources to help you promote the MobileMuster collection unit to your workplace and community.

3. Reporting.

MobileMuster will provide an annual certificate on the weight of mobile components recycled and on request can also provide a certificate of destruction for each collection sent in and the environmental benefits generated for inclusion in your organisation’s sustainability reports.

4.  Responsible.

Our recycler TES-AMM is R2 certified which means they follow and demonstrate strong environmental standards which maximise recycling, minimise exposure to human health or the environment and ensure safe management of materials by downstream handlers.

5.  Easy.

MobileMuster accepts and recycles all brands of handsets their batteries, chargers and accessories. Making it easier for organisations and the community to recycle all their components at the one drop-off location.

6. Secure.
MobileMuster ensures that all data on used mobile phones is destroyed through the recycling process. This provides you with the security and peace of mind that there data will not be accessed by other parties.

7. Helps conserve limited resources.
Through the recycling process 96% of the materials in mobiles and accessories are recovered and used to make new products locally and overseas. Recovering these materials avoids the need to mine non-renewable resources, thus conserving our resources, and avoiding air and water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Everything recycled, nothing resold.

MobileMuster does not resell your old mobile phones and accessories. Everything is dismantled in Australia. We believe the environmental benefits from extending the life of the phones overseas is cancelled out by the significant impacts on human health and the environment caused by poor recycling practices in developing countries.

9. Not-for-profit program.
All revenue generated from recycling materials is invested back into the Australian community through our schools program (MusterKids), local council community, environmental and social activities and contributions to the Salvos Stores.

10. Industry-Funded.
MobileMuster is funded solely by members of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA). It is the industry’s official recycling program and is paid for voluntarily by the companies who make and sell mobiles in Australia.  It does not receive any government funding.

MobileMuster will be recycling phones onsite at AWRE so don’t forget to go through your cupboards and get recycling. For information on MobileMuster’s accreditation or how you can partner with us visit mobilemuster.com.au

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