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A recycling app that makes recycling easy

Aug 4, 2015

Sustain Me is a free, Melbourne-based, user-friendly recycling app

If you aren’t sure how or where to recycle batteries, meat containers or plastic bags, use the Sustain Me app to search the information. No need to bother with weird labels or strange directions on packaging, just search the item. Boom. You’re away.

The app is being created by the social enterprise Sustain Me, a local team of young entrepreneurs bent on reducing Melbourne’s carbon footprint.

About Sustain Me Group

Sustain Me Group is a start-up social enterprise run by two friends – Eleanor and Stephen – who, at the beginning, were frustrated that they couldn’t find out how to recycle meat trays. Or bike locks. And what’s the go with putting recycling in bin liners and throwing that into the recycling bin? Anyway, they figured they’d most prefer an app that automatically had the information ready for when they wanted it. This way, they could look up the recycling information whenever they wanted to and so self direct the ways they want to live sustainably.

Eleanor and Stephen are now joined by a team of skilled, passionate people who helped them make such an app. Fuelled on a little money and a lot of passion, the Sustain Me app is now available!


Find more information: http://www.sustainme.com.au/



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