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Better water treatment means big savings for Green Pipe

Oct 14, 2019 Recycling

Reducing your water treatment costs by 80% could sound like a pipe dream, but for Green Pipe, a plastic particulate recycler, a tailored and simple solution from Bactech made it a reality.

The recycling plant was experiencing severe odour issues, a build-up of sludge in the treatment tank and escalating costs. Although the plant was designed to recycle and reuse its water, this became impossible due to the polluted nature of the water. Green Pipe  was forced to import 9,600 litres of potable water per week, as well as discharge a similar amount to sewer. In an attempt to soften the water they were also using $5000 of Alum per annum.

Bactech, a division of Bio Natural Solutions, was brought in to inspect the plant and formulate a treatment plan. Having inspected the system, it was ascertained that Green Pipe  was a suitable candidate for treatment with one of Bactech’s bacterial products, Bactech 362. A weekly dosing schedule was proposed and a recommendation to double the capacity of the system, through the addition of another 3000L Tank, was also implemented.

Bactech 362 is a bio-bacterial waste water treatment solution, designed specifically for Australian industry and agriculture. It is a proven, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment designed to treat a broad spectrum of industry waste water with high organic loading.

With the plan in place, Green Pipe had taken the first step towards a sustainable water treatment plan. Positive results quickly followed as the noxious odours were removed within 3 days and after 3 weeks the build-up in the treatment tanks had been digested. The Alum additive was discontinued and with the water quality dramatically improved, the plant could now recycle 100% of its wash water.  As a result, the amount of potable water being imported reduced significantly, from 9,600 to only 80 litres a week.

By WTTP engaging Bactech to complete the analysis and implementing its customised plan, it allowed for the existing infrastructure to be utilised effectively and to achieve optimal performance  from their waste water treatment system.

Bactech’s expert analysts and waste water technicians have a proven track record in providing meaningful cost reduction and better environmental outcomes for businesses. They bring the latest advancements in bio-bacterial technology for waste water treatment applications across the industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors Australia-wide.

Want to know more? Meet the Bactech team at stand F28 of the Australian Waste & Recycling Exp, on 30-31 October 2019, simply register free online


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