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Bin Trim Waste Turns Plastic into Profit

Jul 18, 2022

Saving $1,000 a month - and the environment

“The main outcome that stood out after becoming involved in the Bin Trim program was the question it raised for the company: ‘What else can we do now?’ There is more to do – including recycling wood, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and solar energy. Furnware Group is doing its bit for the environment, saving the planet and saving a few dollars along the way”, commented Fernando Oiteirinho, Operations Manager at Furnware Group.

Furnware Group

Furnware sells components and hardware to kitchen manufacturers. Soft plastic waste is generated by two sources in the business. Imported stock is wrapped in soft plastic. It is also generated when pallets are wrapped in plastic before storage. This is a work, health and safety requirement to remove the risk of injury from falling goods. The plastic wrap cannot be re-used, therefore Furnware was sending the plastic to landfill.

In total, the company was sending 16 wheelie bins* of general waste to landfill every week.

How Bin Trim helped

After visiting the business and undertaking a waste assessment, the Bin Trim assessor suggested Furnware Group invest in a baler. Furnware bought the baler with the help of an $11,500 Bin Trim rebate, saving 50% of the cost. The baler supplier also provided training for staff in machine operation.

The baler bundles the company’s plastic and cardboard waste into blocks, which are then collected by a waste management company. Around four bales of cardboard a week are collected and one bale of plastic per fortnight, paying Furnware $10 per bale.


As well as receiving money back for their bales, Furnware now saves at least $1,000 per month from reduced bin collections.

Furnware’s involvement with the Bin Trim program has also inspired the business to recycle their other waste. The company now collects cans, bottles and glass and all staff are involved in separating rubbish which is then sent to a container deposit scheme collection point.

Next steps

The company is now working on a solution to keep their wood waste out of landfill with help from Bin Trim.

The numbers

  • Bin Trim rebate: approx. $11,500
  • New equipment: plastic and cardboard baler
  • $50 per week collected from the sale of their plastic and cardboard bales
  • At least $1,000 saved in waste collection services costs per month

The benefits

  • Less waste going to landfill
  • Staff trained with equipment
  • Lower waste disposal costs
  • More recycling
  • Purchase of recycling equipment
  • A new profit‑making enterprise
  • Saving on space

Could your business save on waste? Register your interest to join 22,000 businesses recycling more through the Bin Trim program. Visit NSW EPA website or get in touch with a member of their team here. 

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