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From trash to treasure

Jun 16, 2015

Recovering and utilising by-products of waste degradation through waste treatment technologies – or innovations of current waste disposal methods – is  redefining the future of waste management practices.

There is an increasing emphasis on the recovery and reuse of waste materials and the responsible management of hazardous waste – both critical elements of sustainable development.

Transpacific Cleanaway is Australia’s largest recycling, industrial services and waste management provider. The company is the market leader in ensuring hazardous wastes such as oils and other hydrocarbons are safely collected, processed, recycled and repurposed for other uses. Heavily emphasising the need for sustainable waste management, Transpacific is big on innovation – as seen in its closed loop oil recycling service. With advanced oil collection services and recycling plants across the country, waste oils ranging from automotive to those from mine sites are safely transported to plants where they are processed. From there they are re-used in other industries, or treated properly so that they can be disposed of safely. As a result of Transpacific’s innovation, closed loop recycling is a trend that is catching on in Australia.

Transpacific’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Adrian Valente says: “The end game for much of what we do is about returning a product to a useable form, which is the number one goal for recycling. Especially with oil, which is becoming increasingly rare, yet a commodity that’s more and more relied upon. This is a big part of why we focus on closed loop recycling – Repurposing refuse oil so that it can either be used again, or disposed of safely.”

As the sponsor of the breakfast seminar at this year’s Australian Waste and Recycling Expo, Transpacific hopes to educate clients on the importance of handling all waste – ranging from liquids and oils to bio-hazardous waste from healthcare facilities – in a safe, yet sustainable manner.

Industry trends such as Closed Loop Recycling are in line with Australia’s National Waste Policy. The policy encourages an environmentally responsible approach to waste management and hopes to make headway with resource recovery by 2020. Waste management industry leaders like Transpacific invest in scientific research to ensure that levels of sustainability are maintained.

With scientists and laboratories in Australia researching new ways to process and treat waste. Innovation is always at the forefront – a clear sign that the waste management industry in Australia is aligning itself an environmentally responsible approach to waste management.

Transpacific says education is vital in the push towards sustainable waste management. Mr Valente said education is a key focus in everything we do at Transpacific.

“We start by conducting education programs in schools and follow that through to our clients, across all elements in the business. It a holistic approach, people in all walks of life need to know what to do with different forma of waste, how to treat it properly, from general to hazardous waste.”

The AWRE Breakfast (sponsored by Transpacific), on Thursday 13th August at 7.15am, will be a short walk from AWRE at Cargo Hall. Guests will enjoy a hot breakfast while listening to a presentation from Bruce Edwards (Assistant Secretary, Waste Policy Branch) Tickets on sale nowFind out more

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