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Recycling e-waste in the transport sector

Jun 27, 2016

Insights into MobileMuster’s recycling program with WA’s ‘Top Workplace Recycler,’ Transperth. 

With the increase in mobile phone usage, the number of lost phones has grown rapidly within the transport sector contributing to Australia’s e-waste issue, which is growing three times faster than any other waste issue nation-wide.

Due to the possible sensitive nature of personal data carried on mobile phones, a reliable, secure and environmentally sound way of disposing of the phones is required – and workplaces play a major role here in educating and making it easy for their staff and customers to do so.

In August 2013, Transperth – the name behind the public transport system servicing Perth (operated by the Public Transport Authority) partnered with MobileMuster to tackle the problem of e-waste.

Carrying over 100 million passengers per annum, Transperth handles a significant number of lost property items, and consequently sought to arrange a number of locations through the public transport system to be established as approved collection points for unclaimed mobile phones with MobileMuster.

Using this system, lost mobile phones are recorded and if they remain unclaimed for a period of 30 days, the phones are transferred to an approved MobileMuster location.

How it works:

All mobile phones moved within the lost property system are tracked and remain attached to the Lost Property ID Receipt issued by the System.  A summary list is then generated on collection by MobileMuster, which is then validated by Transperth against the mobile phone ID. Once processed by MobileMuster, Transperth receives signed-off documentation indicating that everything received has been processed for resource recovery, ensuring any data left on the devices has been destroyed.

The result?

In the last financial year, Transperth handled 3,812 lost mobile phones including 1,758 that were surrendered to MobileMuster to be recycled. The organisation recycled over 220kg of mobile phone components with MobileMuster and was awarded the ‘Top Workplace Recycler’ award in Western Australia last year.

*MobileMuster never reuses or resells any of the mobile phones and accessories collected by its collection points.

An announcement of MobileMuster’s Top Workplace Recyclers will be made in the lead up to the Australia Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) in Sydney. For more information on how your workplace can partner visit mobilemuster.com.au/workplaces.

MobileMuster, Australia’s only government accredited, not-for-profit mobile phone recycling program, partners with workplaces spanning corporate, government, education and not-for profit sectors, to recycle old mobiles and accessories. Each year workplaces across Australia have helped divert  tonnes of materials out of landfill and back onto the commodity market.

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