24-25 Jul 2024

Session Information

27-Jul, 11:45 - 12:30

Collaboration and Action: Australia’s Transformative Circular Economy Journey for Plastics

Seminar Program Theatre 2

Achieving Australia's 80% resource recovery target requires a 13-fold increase in plastics recycling capacity, totalling 2.5 million tonnes. What is the reality of the volume of plastic that is being processed in Australia, and how much is slipping through the gaps? What are the crucial pieces of the puzzle needed to work together and ensure a circular economy for plastics? This session explores the crucial role of value chain collaboration and action in realising this ambitious target. Our panel of experts from diverse backgrounds in plastics discuss existing innovative technology such as advanced chemical recycling techniques, the role of regenerative product design, national product stewardship and the importance of behavioural change and education with the community. This session will provide real examples of challenges, innovative solutions, strategies and success stories faced in the urgent pursuit of sustainable plastic waste management in Australia.

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