24-25 Jul 2024

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27-Jul, 12:45 - 13:15

ARL and Recycle Mate are collaborating to provide leading recycling advice

Seminar Program Theatre 1

The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) Program is an on-pack labelling scheme that is helping consumers to recycle packaging correctly and supporting brand owners and packaging manufacturers to design packaging that is recyclable at end-of-life.
Recycle Mate is a dynamic recycling education platform that combines artificial intelligence technology with Australia’s most comprehensive recycling directory to reduce contamination in recycling systems, improve resource recovery and support a circular economy.
APCO has partnered with Recycle Mate to bring together all the benefits of a static on-pack label with a dynamic recycling information service. Supporting optimal recycling behaviours during a transitionary phase as our industry moves to a circular economy for used packaging.
How can a static on-pack label and a dynamic recycling information service align to support an evolving recycling industry and a transition to more sustainable packaging formats?
Recycle Mate is dynamic – it communicates local recycling rules, it provides granular and current information to consumers as recycling systems evolve, as trials are implemented, and new schemes are rolled out. It provides kerbside advice and directs people to away from home recovery options.
The ARL is our end goal – an on-pack label to provide the most easily accessible recycling/disposal advice for packaging formats accepted with consistent collection schemes nationally supported by mature recycling markets. Recycle Mate is helping to navigate the transition.

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