24-25 Jul 2024

Session Information

25-Jul, 13:00 - 13:30

Redefining Waste – A realistic perspective in the debate between waste and resources

NSW EPA Seminar Theatre

The most recent NSW waste strategy has dropped the waste hierarchy and replaced it with the circular economy.
The new model requires us to think in terms of ‘resources’ rather than ‘waste.’ While this thinking is embedded in the new strategy, it is not yet reflected in practical terms throughout the planning and licensing system.
In order to work toward a useful re-definition of waste, this presentation will cover three main aspects.
1. Comparison of the definitions of waste in three jurisdictions – NSW, Victoria and Queensland.
2. Comparison of existing ‘end of waste’ systems – such as Resource Recovery Orders and Exemptions, Declarations and End of Waste Codes.
3. Analysis of legal cases.
The Circular Economy requires not only supportive policy but also supportive regulatory systems. With the right systems in place, recovered resources can compete and generate growth.

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