24-25 Jul 2024

Session Information

26-Jul, 13:15 - 13:30

SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE – Turning waste into advertising dollars: Find out how a waste management solution can profit your business.

Seminar Program Theatre 1

One of the main problems with recycling is the mindset it creates. Businesses, just as much as households, have viewed recycling as THE solution to meeting environmental targets, rather than see it as a last resort for waste management. But recycling simply delays product from ending up in landfill and should not give business any comfort about the levels of waste it is creating. As the scrutiny increases on sustainability practices to ensure they are genuine, zero waste emerges as the holy grail: highly desirable but unachievable. So, if perfection is out of reach, how do we at least make progress? Active International has worked with a range of industries to reduce waste by giving product destined for destruction a second life, finding new markets and simultaneously reduce marketing costs. Find out how Active is a critical part of ESG plans for partners from Audi to Aldi.

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