24-25 Jul 2024

Session Information

26-Jul, 13:45 - 14:00

Tools for embracing transparency and credibility for a circular economy

Unfortunately, some stakeholders continue to make self-declared incorrect, misleading, and sometimes entirely false environmental claims, which is a breach under Australian Consumer Law. The success of circular strategies within the waste, recycling and resource recovery industry will be contingent on trust, transparency and robust data.
This presentation focuses on three critical internationally recognised and accessible tools that can strengthen Australia's journey toward a circular economy:
(1) Lifecycle Ecolabels (ISO 14024)
(2) Third-party Claims Authentication (ISO 14021)
(3) LCAs and EPDs (ISO 14025)
It will also demonstrate the importance of a holistic approach encompassing human health, social impacts and quality considerations.
After attending this seminar, delegates will be able to access three critical internationally recognised tools to enhance the robustness of their circular strategies and know how best to use them. They will also gain insight into how to avoid circularwashing and embrace transparency.

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