24-25 Jul 2024

Speaker Profile

Ben Kaminsky

Textile Recyclers Australia Pty Ltd

Ben Kaminsky, with 40 years in the Clothing & Textile Industry, has honed his focus on sustainability through his work with Textile Recyclers Australia Pty Ltd, a company he co-founded. Forging connections across all societal levels, his company is pivotal in transforming textile waste from a discard into a valued raw material, and further into marketable products. This innovative recycling process is a cornerstone of Ben's strategy to address the global clothing and textile waste dilemma.

In his leadership role, Ben drives crucial R&D to refine these recycling techniques. His hands-on approach is instrumental in devising and executing pragmatic solutions that not only mitigate waste but also contribute to a circular economy. Under his guidance, Textile Recyclers Australia is actively demonstrating how to revalue textiles, aligning industry practices with environmental stewardship.

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