24-25 Jul 2024

Speaker Profile

Bonnie Marshall

National Retail Association (NRA)

Bonnie works in the National Retail Association’s Policy Team. Before joining the team, Bonnie served 12 years in the Australian Federal Parliament as a Chief of Staff, campaign lead, policy adviser and media and communications manager.
She has provided advice on key legislative areas including advanced manufacturing, energy policy, STEM and education, international relations, regional job creation, agriculture and dairy and social issues such as homelessness and women’s safety.
Her work has seen her establishing a Manufacturing Taskforce, and providing policy feedback in areas such as advanced manufacturing, energy and critical supply chains as well as advising on policies relating to Net Zero emissions, clean energy, medical technology and preventative health.
Bonnie travelled with a Parliamentary delegation to Western Australia and worked closely with the Chair of a bipartisan committee on issues impacting Indigenous Australians. She also travelled to the United Nations in New York representing her employer and has been privileged to work with international embassies and consulates.
Bonnie currently manages the Australasian Recycling Label project alongside Policy Director, David Stout and Policy Manager, Ebony Johnson. She has also previously worked on the New South Wales single-use plastic ban information campaign.

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