24-25 Jul 2024

Speaker Profile

Hamish Curry


Hamish has a 27-year background in leading education across schools, libraries, and education companies using design thinking and intercultural learning. He brings tenacity and creativity to his work, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in improving education. As GM at Cool.org, he leads the development of new initiatives and refining existing processes to ensure educators get the resources they need to help people and our planet. Hamish would rather do all this while snowboarding.

Hamish has been a school teacher with stints in London, UK and Toyama, Japan. He also led the development of the Eltham College City Campus (Year 9 program). He grew significant school and public programs as the Education Manager at the State Library of Victoria. As a Senior Consultant with NoTosh, he travelled the world for 4 years, helping schools and major companies design better learning. Hamish’s last role was as Executive Director of Asia Education Foundation with the University of Melbourne, where he shaped intercultural learning across Australia and 23 other nations in school partnerships and programs. He has also served on the Advisory Board for the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

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