24-25 Jul 2024

Speaker Profile

Sage Hahn

Repurpose It

Sage has been a part of the organics Industry for over 13 years, and is currently the Operations Manager – Organics at leading resource recovery business Repurpose It.

Throughout her career, Sage has led significant infrastructure developments and government contracts to deliver state of the art processing capability within Victoria.

Sage held the position of the Victorian Chair at the Australian Organics Recycling Association for three years, and is still and continues to support the association through her role in the Victorian Executive Committee.

In 2022 Sage's important contribution to the industry was recognised with a Women in Industry Award for Business Development Manager of the Year, which she was awarded for increasing the recovery of Food Organics, Garden Organics and diverting this valuable resource from landfill.

With an extensive knowledge of the organics industry, Sage is driven by her passion for circular outcomes for organics, valuing all our resources and ensuring we leave our world in a better place for future generations.

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