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Solutions in a time of crisis

Apr 9, 2020 Partners

Times have been tough for many businesses around the world, but one has tackled the global COVID-19 crisis head on.

Recognised worldwide for their market leading solutions to problems concerning material handling and storage, Dolav is one of the leading pallet and pallet box manufacturers in the world.

Dolav specialises in high density, structural foam (HDPE) injection, a unique technology that makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly, UV stable and recyclable plastic box pallets without compromising on strength and stability. Dolav’s superior box pallets are used in a variety of heavy and light industries including agriculture, food processing, fishing, chemical, textile, recycling and pharmaceutical.

In response to the medical and pharmaceutical industry needing a solution to transport medical and food supplies that would carry the least amount of bacteria possible, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 into hospitals and pharmacies. Dollav partnered with BioCote® to develop an innovative storage and transport solution, offering superior antimicrobial performance. The antimicrobial products are protected for the expected lifetime of the box pallets, demonstrating a reduction of microbes, such as bacteria, mould and fungi, by up to 99.9% on protected surfaces.

The antimicrobial box pallets are easier to keep hygienically clean and fresh. BioCote® technology works around the clock to diminish the risk of microbial cross-contamination, making Dolav’s antimicrobial plastic box pallets the preferred choice for the hospitality and pharmaceutical industries. The technology is present throughout the material of the box pallets, so even if the box pallets were to chip or crack, the antimicrobial performance will remain.

To find out more about the pallets and how Dolav are adapting to these unprecedented times head to their website, or have a chat with them when they exhibit at AWRE.
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