24-25 Jul 2024

AIP Mini Training Course: The Value of embedding ARL on your packaging

With the packaging industry evolving at such a rapid pace so is the Australasian Recycling Labelling (ARL) Program for Australia and New Zealand. If brands moved to incorporating the ARL on all packaging across Australia and New Zealand the more chance we have to increase the recovery of recyclable materials and reduce contamination in the waste stream.

25 July 2024
ICC Sydney
10:30am - 12:30pm

The Australasian Recycling Labelling (ARL) program provides packaging technologists, designers and marketers with the tools to inform responsible packaging design. It is an evidence-based program that can provide consumers with easy-to-understand instructions about how to correctly dispose of a product’s packaging.

The ARL program simulates the two countries recycling ecosystems including collections systems, technical recyclability and available end markets for materials. The ARL logos will identify which bin or bins each component goes in, based on the regions, state or country that the product is sold. The system then identifies whether it is recyclable, conditionally recyclable or non-recyclable and the ARL logos match the assessment.

  • 62% of Australians and 63% of New Zealanders look to on-pack labelling on primary packaging for their recycling truth.
  • 76% of Australians and 71% of New Zealanders now recognise the ARL on packaging.
  • Over 500,000 SKU’s now have the ARL on packaging across ANZ.

This new version of the Introduction to Australasian Recycling Labelling (ARL) training course has evolved to cover both Australia and New Zealand and includes:

  • Guides on how to use ARL logos
  • Changes to soft plastics thresholds
  • The new Check Locally program
  • Intersections between ARL and Away from Home collection programs
  • ARL & Container Deposit Schemes
  • ARL & RecycleMate APP
  • ARL & QR codes
  • ARL Consumer Insights
  • ARL Marketplace for SME’s
  • Best Practice Award-winning examples
  • Interactive session with attendees and their own packs


This training course will help guide companies that have never applied the ARL to their packaging and also update those who already use the ARL. This course is suitable for SME’s and multinational businesses to attend.

We would strongly recommend that packaging technologists and specialists, designers, marketing teams, sustainability experts, packaging consultants and design agencies all attend this course so that everyone can better understand the true value that the ARL program offers your business.

Lecturer will be Ralph Moyle FAIP, CPP, Education Coordinator, AIP and some guest lecturers.

All bookings must be made directly with the AIP [email protected]

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