Towards Zero Landfill Project

The Towards Zero Landfill Project is about reducing the impact AWRE has on the environment with the majority of waste produced by the show either recycled or reused. The project is not only about recycling and diverting materials from landfill; it’s also about leading a behavioural shift within the AWRE community.

This Towards Zero Landfill Project aims to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill year on year. After two consecutive years of success, Towards Zero Landfill will return to AWRE in 2017 as a combined goal, process and way of thinking that profoundly changes the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo’s (AWRE) approach to delivering the show.

The goal is to reduce landfill to be only 5 per cent of the total waste therefore 95 per cent will be recycled, re-used or redirected from going into landfill. To ensure we achieve this, we are doing a number of things including separation of waste on-site, sustainable plant-based packaging, compostable bin bags, fairtrade certified coffee and AWRE will offset any waste sent to landfill by planting the necessary number of trees through Fifteen Trees.

The long-term strategy of the project is to increase the participation of exhibitors and sponsors, and to source new partners to increasingly minimise AWRE’s carbon footprint year-on-year, ensuring the project is close to zero by 2017.

Diversified Communications’ strategy is to implement AWRE’s Towards Zero Landfill project across all events to reduce costs and, most importantly, our carbon footprint as an entire organisation.


The Towards Zero Landfill Project has prompted the following action items from our Contractors, Suppliers & Sponsors


Diversified Communications

Diversified Communications Australia is a strong, vibrant communications company that owns a portfolio of  premium industry-specific trade events including AWRE.

  • Engage different contractors, suppliers and sponsors to kick-start the project
  • No PVC banners were printed for AWRE
  • Feature Areas are all re-used from previous years
  • Introduction of organic area
  • Heavy promotion of public transport
  • Introduction of Digital Signage into show directional/information Signage
  • Marketing Collateral is all printed on recyclable paper


ExpoNet’s annual portfolio comprises over 400 events in more than 100 different venues nationwide, making ExpoNet one of the largest exhibition service companies in Australia. Working with key government departments and major organisers such as Diversified Communications.

  • Only use new LED lighting
  • Recycled cardboard fascia
  • Signage on cardboard instead of forex
  • Sustainable/recycled furniture hire options
  • 100% recyclable features

Sydney Showgrounds

Sydney Showground, the home of major events and big experiences at Sydney Olympic Park in the geographic heart of Sydney. With over 120,000 square meters at your disposal, SSG offer a wide variety of flexible venues to hire and a unique array of film locations.

Profits from every event held at Sydney Showground are invested back into supporting Australian agriculture and rural communities. That’s because it’s the venue and hire business of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to contributing to the agricultural prosperity of New South Wales.

  • Use light at 50% capacity during the Show
    • SSG Switched to LED in 2014
  • Coffee cups and other catering packaging to be of recyclable material
  • Sourcing food from local (NSW) suppliers
  • Source Fairtrade Certified Coffee
  • Provide Water Cooler instead of bottled water

SafeGuard Cleaning Services

SafeGuard provides tailored cleaning and facilities management services to clients including Diversified Communications.

  • Provide correct bins for separation of waste on-site (Comingled/paper & cardboard/organic)
  • Separation of recyclables on the docks – minimising the use of another contractor
  • Collection of Organic/Food scraps and send them to a facility where they are re-used
  • Production of Report with the breakup of the Show Waste
  • Cleaning company to use environmentally friendly products
    • Squirt Environmentally friendly multipurpose spray

Fifteen Trees

Fifteen Trees was established in 2009, playing a small part in the global green movement. Fifteen Trees can plant trees to help reduce the carbon footprint of your – car, flight, or event and works with AWRE to offset the shows carbon footprint.

  • Plant 100 trees on behalf of Diversified. These trees will be planted by a community group carefully selected.

Cardia Bioplastics

Cardia Bioplastics gives you the choice of using sustainable Cardia Biohybrid resins or Compostable resins for your packaging or plastic product solution. Our materials are suitable for injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, film and coating applications.

  • Provide compostable bin liners for all the bins used during move-in, show and move-out.

Eco Bin

All-purpose waste bins and rubbish bins create tonnes of unnecessary greenhouse gas and millions more of toxic landfill each year. Your organisation can say NO to this by choosing colour coded EcoBins.

  • Provide over 60 colour coded waste bins made from corrugated plastic, encouraging all visitors to separate their waste at the source.

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