25-26 Nov 2020
Online Event

Towards Zero Landfill

AWRE is leading the way in sustainable event management and we have an ambitious target – to send just 5% of our event waste to landfill.

25/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
Across the whole show
During show hours

AWRE is leading the way in sustainable event management and we have an ambitious target – to send just 5% of our event waste to landfill. This compares to 70-80% five years ago when the Towards Zero Landfill project was born.

The event industry is notorious for generating huge amounts of waste and we can’t achieve this target alone. We’re working closely with our event partners on a shared sustainability vision to reduce our environmental impact and lead a behavioural shift within the industry. The newly rebuilt ICC Sydney, home to AWRE, has a strong sustainable event philosophy of its own and we’re working collaboratively to achieve the same goal and work towards a zero waste vision for best practice.

AWRE will maximise the use of ICC Sydney’s waste management facilities to help reach our 5% target, and with the backing of their solid sustainability foundations, we’re closer than ever to meeting this ambitious goal.

With the support of ICC Sydney and our other suppliers and contractors including Exponet, our combined pledge to the Towards Zero Landfill project is captured in five core initiatives:


Separation of Waste

Detpak RecycleMe station for coffee cups will be setup around the show floor, including daily transferring of RecycleMe cups to BOH Bins

Lanyard recycling bins will be placed at the exit

Compostable liners for waste bins

Café Areas will use Smart Bins

Organic waste separation in catering areas

Individual bins for waste separation to sort paper,
cardboard, organics etc

Reducing single-use plastics

Digital signage will utilised where possible to
reduce printed coreflute/forex signage

Removal of all bottled water. Drinking Bubbler
units and bottle refill units will be placed around
the show by Sydney Water. Saving 775,000 plastic
bottles from use, indirectly reducing gas emissions
by 400 tonnes.

Replace plastic straws for cardboard ones

Engage Reverse Garbage for any coreflute/forex signage

Use of recycled materials

Printed signage to be recycled cardboard
The two theatres building materials are utilised
from previous years and recycled materials such as cardboard, recycled wooden pallets and milk crates Donated by Replas who are committed to reducing the amount of plastic going into landfill

Theatre seating is 98% recycled plastic material.

All coffee cups will be Detpak, who use a Next Generation lining that is easily removed during existing recycling procedures.

Reuse and recovery of resources

Unused excess food will be donated to OzHarvest to distribute to disadvantaged members of the community

AWRE will work closely with Reverse Garbage to repurpose a range of items leftover post event

Power shutdown from 10pm until 6am on Wednesday 30th October & Thursday 31st October

5 to 7% of total electricity from event to come from green sources

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