The need for new and better waste solutions has never been more crucial. Australians are looking towards the waste and recycling industry to drive positive change.
As the premier business event for the waste, recycling and resource recovery sector, AWRE is where the best come together to join forces for a world of solutions towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

About AWRE

Resetting thinking. Recognising innovation. Regaining control. Re-energising communities. As the premier business event for the waste, recycling and resource recovery sector, AWRE is where the best in the circular economy come together to share a world of solutions.

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Year on year, AWRE has proven to be a standout success for exhibitors providing waste collection, processing or recycling services to the commercial, industrial or municipal sectors. Being seen to be at the forefront and associated with your industry’s most significant event sets you up strongly for future success.

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Get Industry Insight

Get inside information at your fingertips with AWRE's bi-monthly newsletter - Unearthed. Each issue investigates a different area of the waste and recycling industry, features new ideas and innovations through our spotlight stories, and AWRE2019 event news.

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Towards Zero

AWRE has the ambition to send just 5% of our waste to Iandfill to honour our Towards Zero Landfill pledge but we can’t achieve this target alone. With the help of the ICC Sydney and other event partners, we’re closer than ever to making it a reality.

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What you can expect at AWRE 2019

For a taste of what awaits you at this year's event, take a look back at the AWRE 2018 video highlights. We look forward to working with our partners and exhibitors to deliver an unrivalled world of solutions at the 2019 show – and way beyond.

Products you can see at AWRE 2019


The collection and transportation of waste is often the first link in the supply chain. Feel the power of the latest truck and vehicle models which keep the industry moving.


Sustainable, smart solutions such as sensor bins, solar bins and compostable bins to keep public and business spaces clean and connected, along with traditional industrial and household collections.

Food & Organics Waste

Convert food and organic waste into reusable resources including the latest aerobic digesters and composters

Software & Technologies

Technological innovation in the waste and recycling industry is a driver for future success. Explore software and alternative technologies to keep your business operating efficiently now and into the future.

Machinery & Equipment

A successful waste management operation demands the best equipment. Discover the latest machinery and equipment providing the backbone to the industry.


eWaste is being sent to landfill at three times the rate of general waste. Find tailored solutions to safely and responsibly collect, recover and recycle your eWaste.

Waste Management

Businesses today are focused on reducing waste management costs whilst committing to environmental sustainability. Find the right partner to manage all your waste and recycling needs.

Food Packaging

Food packaging innovation that reduces waste sent to landfill are a major focus for the future in Australia

Industry News

Feb 15, 2019

The future of waste management is smart

The waste and recycling industry welcomes a new generation of start-ups and innovators who are using technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning to transform the sector. Here are some insights into the intelligent waste management methods used in the pioneering work of Yindi Smart Systems.

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