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The waste, recycling, and resource recovery industry is continuing to transform and has quickly become the nucleus for driving Australia towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. AWRE is THE premier national platform for waste professionals to join forces and work towards this common goal.

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Australia’s longest running marketplace for buyers and suppliers. Over two-days, you’ll waste less sales energy by directly connecting with large numbers of highly engaged visitors.

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2024 Summit

Discover "Transitioning to a Circular Economy – Unpacking the Key Roadblocks to Success" at the AWRE 2024 Summit sponsored by NSW EPA. Expert panels address industry challenges and collaboration strategies for advancing towards an Australian Circular Economy.

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Get Involved

Experience the full spectrum of industry engagement, from showcasing your brand to forging lasting connections with our audience through our comprehensive digital platforms. Discover our range of sponsorship, exhibitor, and digital opportunities today.

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Waste, Recycling & Resource Recovery Management

Businesses today are focused on reducing waste management costs whilst committing to environmental sustainability. Find the right partner to manage all your waste and recycling needs with the top providers in management services.

Bins & Waste Collection Products

Keep public and business spaces clean with the latest products for end-of-life disposal, separation and collection in industrial and household settings.


eWaste containing highly valuable and hazardous materials remains an issue in Australia’s landfills. With state-wide bans existing in certain states already, now is the key time to look for solutions to collect, recover and recycle eWaste safely and responsibly.

Software & Technologies

The management of resources after disposal is becoming increasingly data and analytics focused. With new options for boosting recycling including separation sensors and contamination monitors, find suppliers to support the reduction of waste via technology.

Food & Organics Waste Solutions

With food and organic material as the biggest contributors to landfill, converting food and organic waste into reusable resources is more important than ever. Discover the latest advancements in composting, aerobic digesters and more.

Machinery & Equipment

A successful waste management operation demands the best equipment. Discover the latest machinery and equipment providing the backbone to the industry.


The collection and transportation of waste is often the first link in the waste and recycling supply chain. Learn about the latest truck and vehicle models and innovations, including alternative fuel options, to keep your business moving in line with our fast-paced industry.


Innovation in packaging continues to be major focus for reducing waste in Australia, with the majority reaching the end of life in landfill, instead of being recycled. The Toward 2025 targets underpin solutions showcased in this segment.

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Jul 22, 2024

VISIONLINK® Productivity Technology

While every jobsite engages in production, productivity remains a challenge for many. Low productivity means low revenue and has a direct impact on profitability. VisionLink® Productivity helps you measure, monitor, and manage your assets to maximize productivity - on or off the jobsite.

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