24-25 Jul 2024

tell us about your products

Tell us about your plans for AWRE 2017 and wherever possible we will try to generate some free publicity for you company! Are you launching a new product? Hosting a competition on your stand? Making an exciting announcement? Make the most out of your investment at this year's show. There are a number of channels where we can promote information you provide to visitors and potential clients which is why we want to know what you’ll be showcasing at AWRE.

Some things to consider telling us:

  • Can you provide a description of what your product/company does?
  • Do you have any new products launching at AWRE? What are your best selling products?
  • Who would use your product?
  • Has your company or product won any awards?
  • How is your product/company special or different to your competitors?


Where will we use this information?

We have a number of marketing channels and media partnerships to help promote special developments in the lead up to show.

In particular, AWRE will be sending regular emails and posting on social media highlighting the products that our exhibitors will be showcasing at the show. We have some capacity to help promote your company and products with our database.


We will require the following:

  • High res image (1MB min)
  • 300 word (min) article about your product, company or achievements
  • Link – where would you like up to link back to?


Send the above information to Shea at [email protected]

Please note, inclusion in the AWRE marketing campaign is not guaranteed as spaces are limited. However, all submissions will be considered for wider pre-show marketing and PR opportunities.


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