24-25 Jul 2024

Resource Recovery Summit “Getting to 80%”

AWRE's new Resource Recovery Summit “Getting to 80%”, hosted by NWRIC and WCRA, will cover topical areas including Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition.

Resource Recovery Summit Program

Wednesday 24 August

Making the waste management system sustainable is essential for driving a circular economy in Australia. To achieve this we need to take four steps: optimise regulation; balance waste volumes with processing capacity and end uses; find solutions for all waste types; and adapt to the changing environment.

Despite increased urgency and public awareness, the 2022 National Waste Report reveals that Australia's waste management and resource recovery system is moving backwards. Hear from four state representatives on the current roadblocks and challenges such as inadequate data collection and analysis, and insufficient infrastructure and investment in industry. Whilst highlighting the fragmentation of policies across states and territories, this session will also explore possible solutions to this pressing challenge.

Recognising that a circular economy cannot be achieved without an efficient resource recovery and recycling sector, this session will delve into the current state of Australia's resource recovery and recycling systems; the reality, roadblocks and solutions. Through reviewing the current export bans and their impact and exploring the challenges and opportunities, we will discuss practical steps and innovative solutions that need to be taken to drive progress and ensure that we are moving forward in this crucial area.

The future of Australia's waste and resource recovery industry is facing a critical moment as the country struggles to address the increasing amount of residual waste being sent to landfills. This session will address the challenges of managing residual waste streams, exploring topics such as landfill and waste-to-energy solutions, social license and infrastructure hurdles, and the need for effective nationwide policies and regulations. Join us as we discuss the current state of the industry and the steps that must be taken to ensure a sustainable future for Australia's waste management.

Opening up to the floor, this your opportunity as active audience participants to ask questions and voice; what you believe would make a difference, where you’ve seen successes, what actions need to be taken forward, and who we need to approach.

Final closing remarks and key learnings from the AWRE Summit 2023.

The Summit is Proudly Hosted by


The National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) is a not for profit industry association, funded by major waste and recycling businesses operating Australia wide. It brings together national waste and recycling business leaders and affiliated state, territory and national waste and recycling associations to formulate policies that will advance waste and recycling services in Australia.


The Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) is a registered industrial body of employers that addresses business issues relating to the waste and recycling industry on behalf of its constituent Members.

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