24-25 Aug 2022


Resilient waste and recycling sector to ride out tough times

Apr 9, 2020 Community

Adaptable larger operators are set to survive – some may even thrive – following the coronavirus challenge.

Industry responds to COVID-19 support packages

Apr 3, 2020 Community

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by businesses across the country, with some industries more heavily impacted than others.

The O Initiative: reducing plastic bottle waste by 1Mil

Nov 8, 2017 Community

Would you drink from a public fountain? It seems most people would rather spend $4 on a bottle of spring water than drink from a community water bubbler due to concerns around health and safety.

Q&A with The Farmer’s Place, winner of the 2016 ‘Banksia Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership Award’

May 12, 2017 Community

We asked James McLennan, Education Project Manager of The Farmer’s Place to talk about some of the initiatives they are undertaking as a business to drive sustainable practices into the future.

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