Solving the problem of hard-to-recycle waste

Jul 4, 2018 Recycling

Australians are increasingly aware of the need to recycle as much waste as possible, but some products simply do not lend themselves to easy conversion into reusable material.

Zero to hero: waste in our construction and demolition industry

Jun 26, 2018 Recycling

The waste from construction and demolition contributes 40 per cent of Australia’s total waste. However, much of this is clean, excavated material such as concrete, bricks and timber, which can be recovered through recycling. Luckily, some of our biggest companies are rising to the re-use challenge, with a growing number supporting zero waste policies. Here are four Australian businesses driving future change.

Leading the charge to zero waste

Jun 19, 2018 Recycling

Around the world, organisations are working to inspire the business community to embrace opportunities in the green economy. One of these philosophies – zero waste – is currently doing just that, by addressing the ways we make, consume and dispose the ‘stuff’ our businesses generate. With the global aim to reduce and eventually eliminate waste sent to landfill to be disposed, here are our top six picks of who’s currently leading the charge.

The clothes off your back

May 25, 2018 Recycling

Australia is a nation of clothes-lovers, so much so, that we are the second highest consumers of clothes (per capita) in the world. The average Australian buys 27kg of clothes every year, but because the stuff we buy often costs so little, we think nothing of chucking it away when we are sick of it. In fact, every 10 minutes, Australians throw out 6000 kg of clothing, making textile waste the fastest growing sector of household waste.

Our 4 most wasteful industries (and how they’re being sustainable)

Australians are the second-highest producers of waste per person in the world, beaten only by Americans. So it’s good to see our industries taking innovative approaches to finding sustainable waste and recycling solutions in some of our most important waste sectors.

Ending single-use plastics is a shared responsibility

Mar 16, 2018 Recycling

Plastic has transformed our daily lives in so many ways – from the cars we drive, the computers we use, to the mattresses we lay on. But while plastic was once hailed as revolutionary, today it is a major issue, largely because much is designed to be used only once. These single-use plastics are having a negative effect on the environment, especially within our oceans.

What are the keys to changing waste and recycling behaviours?

Sep 13, 2017 Recycling

If we really want to change community behaviour around waste and recycling, the old way of developing a slogan and advertising campaign doesn’t cut it, says Les Robinson, author of Changeology.

The new challenges of recycling obsolete cars

Jun 26, 2017 Recycling

Motor vehicles are one of the more challenging things to recycle, largely because of the raft of different materials they are made up of.

Spotlight on eWaste with MRI

May 29, 2017 Recycling

AWRE sat down with Rose Read from MRI (CEO, MRI PSO) to talk about the great work they are doing and the importance of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

New life for your old mattress

May 12, 2017 Recycling

The business of shaping livable cities involves the big issues and the small details, like recycling unwanted or old mattresses to improve environmental sustainability. “Every month council sends around 500 mattresses for recycling to GDP Industries, a not for profit disability employer in Geelong. At GDP the mattresses are broken down and recycled. The fabric parts […]