30-31 Oct 2019
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

Collection & Transfer

A Classic Recycling Innovation Story

Direct Pallets & Recycling along with CJD Equipment and SDLG are doing an excellent job for our environment by applying the good old mentality of reuse, recycle and rethink.

Build a house and butt out litter

RMIT researchers may have found a way to solve a global littering problem while helping brick makers cut production costs. A team led by Dr Abbas Mohajerani has demonstrated that fired-clay bricks made with just 1% of cigarette butt content can in fact cut brick production costs and reduce energy consumption by up to 58%. […]

Cash for cans another paradigm shift for recycling in NSW

By introducing a container deposit scheme, NSW has done more than just give consumers ten cents for recycling cans and bottles. Announced on May 8, 2016 by NSW Premier Mike Baird, the new cash for cans scheme in NSW is set to mirror the scheme which has operated in South Australia since 1977. The impending […]

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