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Zero emission waste collecting eEconic truck to star at Sydney show

Jul 23, 2023 Event News

It will present the all-electric eEconic, a ground-breaking truck that not only produces no local emissions, but also operates in near silence. Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia will soon begin a local validation program for the eEconic that will become available in Australia and New Zealand in the near future. The electric eEconic adds to the positives […]

The Hallmark of Versatility: Palfinger Australia’s Giant Hookloader G30

Jul 13, 2023 Event News

Enter the Palfinger Giant Hookloader G30, a true game-changer in waste management. With its exceptional capacity and versatile range of applications, this hookloader is set to revolutionize the Australian waste management industry. Let’s explore how the Palfinger G30 is transforming the way we handle waste and paving the path towards a sustainable future. When it […]

Providing Expert Waste Truck Solutions: STG at AWRE 2023

May 31, 2023 Event News

In the complete scope of the waste management cycle, it is important to understand that the efforts to reduce, prevent, and recycle waste are directly correlated with waste collection. In a LinkedIn post, Ross Yendle, the Chief Executive Officer of STG, stated that there is a lack of waste truck manufacturers in Australia. The shortage […]

Key Decision Makers to Tackle Nation’s Most Urgent Issues at 2023 AWRE Summit

Apr 18, 2023 Event News

Australia is waste deep in a resource recovery crisis and there’s never been a more urgent time for the Resource Recovery sector to come together.  Australia’s Waste and Recycling Expo has expanded its Summit program in response to industry demand and will bring together 250 Australian key decision makers to participate in the Summit’s program […]

Isuzu are back with a bang

Isuzu has long held a presence in providing road transport solutions to the waste and recycling industries and the brand has enjoyed the privilege of holding the position of Australian truck market leader for 33 consecutive years. On the stand this year, Isuzu will showcase its FVY Dual Control model, which is specifically designed for […]

Partnerships with Australia’s tyre product steward kick start solutions to mining’s used tyre challenge

Annual sustainability reports, under the minerals industry’s ENDURING VALUE framework, show mining operators have made significant progress in putting their commitment to sustainable development into practice. But one area which remains a challenge is waste optimisation, particularly of used off-the-road (OTR) tyres, tracks and conveyor belts. Less than 15% of the 140,000 tonnes of tyres […]

Advanced Separation Equipment Increases Ferrous and Nonferrous Recovery Rates for MSW/MRF Facilities

Choosing between mechanical or manual sorting techniques is the primary decision to be made in the design and operation of a mixed waste material recovery facility. More traditional MRFs rely heavily on manual sorting, a practice which is both expensive and inefficient when handling large volumes of material. Despite the trade-offs between labor and capital […]

Next generation in collection: East Waste with Isuzu’s FVY Dual Control

In the sweet, cool mist of a spring morning there comes a quiet rumble, followed by the clink of glass on glass. From the inner-city Town of Walkerville to the broad sweeps of the Adelaide Hills, residents in the East Waste service area are waking up to the familiar sound of waste removal trucks, diligently […]

Clean performance for your city – the Econic

The demands on cities and communities are growing. The big challenge is to find sustainable solutions for densely populated towns.

Eriez® announces new RevX-E® Eddy Current Separator with Quick Change Belt System

The latest generation of the Eriez® RevX-E® product line combines the same high performance separation of previous models with a variety of maintenance-friendly enhancements, including an innovative cantilever frame design which enables 10 minute belt changes.

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