30-31 Oct 2019
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

Machinery and Vehicles

Waging War on Food Waste

In Australia, nearly four million people experience food insecurity. And if that figure isn’t a reflection of a growing crisis, well consider this; over five million tonnes of perfectly good food ends ups in landfill every year. Yep, five million tonnes!

End of Life Vehicle Recycling has changed forever!

Traditional methods of removing high grade materials from End of Life Vehicles (ELV) can be highly labour intensive and costly, in many cases making them economically unviable. Although a four-tine scrap grab will allow extraction of the engine, much of the added value materials are left behind resulting in the ELV dismantling companies missing out on great potential profit.

Knox Recycling takes delivery of Australia’s first UNTHA XR

The first UNTHA XR shredder is now operational in Melbourne, Australia, following a 15,000km journey from the world-renowned engineering facility where it was manufactured in Austria.

Jeffries Lead the way in Organics Recycling

South Australian Company Jeffries add a Hitachi hybrid excavator and wheel loader to their fleet

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