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Hitachi Zonsen Inova lead the way in waste to energy

Apr 8, 2020 Resources

A new dry digestion plant is being built in Kirchberg (Hunsrück) in Rhein-Hunsrück (Rhineland-Palatinate), around 40 km west of the German city of Mainz. It will process around 15,000 metric tons of source-separated organic waste a year.

Waste Management maintains a strong presence in Global GreenTag

Oct 25, 2019 Industry Reports

Take a look at the new 4.1 version of the GreenTag Standard – open for review!

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Sep 30, 2019 Partners

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings together specialists in urban and regional planning, natural resources, industry, environment, Aboriginal and social housing and regional NSW.

Highlights: Australia’s National Waste Report 2018

Dec 12, 2018 Industry Reports

Australia’s 2018 National Waste Report has been released

PVC: boosting recycling levels

Aug 17, 2018 Resources

Plastics have always been a target for environmental protest, and none more so than PVC.

Circular crunch: the end of the make-take-chuck mentality

May 17, 2018 Resources

If recycling were a Commonwealth Games sport, Australia would be Trinidad and Tobago. We rank 17 out of the 34 OECD nations in the recycling event, yet we are increasing the amount of waste we generate —  up 23 percent between 2006 and 2015. Of course, this is not news to the waste industry. Finding a way to deal with waste is becoming more pressing, as our days of exporting it to other countries are rapidly coming to an end.

Packing it up: 5 companies championing sustainable packaging

Apr 6, 2018 Organics

The damaging and long-lasting environmental effects of excessive waste has gained significant awareness in recent years. From re-usable coffee cups to the ban on plastic bags, Australian consumers have been making strides in their efforts to recycle, re-use and better dispose of waste. Our industries are helping this cause too, with a growing list of companies investing in packaging that is sustainable, biodegradable and even compostable!

Progressive councils find new ways to tackle waste management

Apr 6, 2018 Resources

Progressive councils across Australia were already pushing the boundaries on managing municipal waste even before the China import ban, and since then several exciting new initiatives have been announced.

Industry leaders empower the NWRIC to begin policy development

Apr 5, 2017 Resources

The National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) has received support from Australia’s largest waste management companies – and has begun operations.

The debate on plastic

Jun 27, 2016 Resources

The design phase needs to change for plastic bags to have a future says GRANT MUSGROVE. The debate on plastic bags in Australia is rather unsophisticated and the problem is complex. At the outset, I should say there’s no simple answer, but the issue with plastic bags really arises at the design phase – they’re […]

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