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LiuGong Australia Launches New Electric Product Range

Jul 5, 2023

LiuGong Australia announces the launch of its new 856H-E MAX electric wheel loader, 9027F-E electric excavator, and Aerial Work Platform.

As a recognised global leader in wheel loader manufacturing, LiuGong’s latest product line reflects its continued investment in R&D and development of high-quality machinery the industry has come to expect. The company’s new electric-driven loaders, excavators and aerial work platform also represent a commitment to meeting the unique requirements of asset owners and operators around the world.

The development of their advanced electric technology is helping customers achieve their strict Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals, which are becoming increasingly important as part of sustainability agendas within the construction and mining industry.

The new LiuGong 856H-E MAX electric wheel loaders have been tried and tested in over 500 different worksites globally, accumulating more than 90,000 operating hours, including coal processing sites, power plants, road construction works, cement production facilities, ports and tunnels, and steel mills.

Aside from being packed with green credentials, the 856H-E MAX are not only powerful, energy-efficient and reliable, but the units are virtually maintenance free, which minimises downtime, saving operators time and money. The loaders essentially provide a sustainable choice for asset owners wanting to reduce their carbon emissions, whilst giving operators new levels of safety and comfort no matter the environment, application or material payload.

According to Louis Wei, Oceania Country Manager of LiuGong Australia, the 856H-E MAX loader is packed with smart technology that deliver real benefits to improve efficiencies and maximise productivity.

“Featuring a patented, uniquely designed control box, and fully automated electric gear-shifting system, operators will experience an increase in transmission efficiency of more than 20 per cent,” Mr Wei said.

“A 20 per cent higher efficiency of energy transfer from cancelling torque converter, plus 15-20 per cent energy-saving from the innovative energy recovery system, are also direct benefits of this new electronic control transmission system.”1

“In terms of adaptability, an upgraded battery encapsulation is waterproof, prevents dust build-up and is corrosion resistant. Intelligent temperature control adapts to ambient temperatures of between -30 – 45 degrees, and reverse airflow aids in dust removal.”

Mr Wei added that operators will also benefit from comfortable and easy operation driven by electric proportional fingertip control, lower cab noise, a three-level safety alarm system and IP67 harness protection, as well as a smart diagnostic and battery management system.”

LiuGong’s new 9027F-E electric excavator is a reliable workhorse showcases everything one would expect, all within a compact yet powerful unit. Featuring a world-class high-efficient motor, a load sensitive hydraulic system, as well as battery heating and automatic stop functions, operators will benefit from higher efficiency and significant energy savings.

Additionally, the units deliver zero emissions, minimal noise and vibration, and smoother operation at every swing. Safety features have also been integrated into every part of the machine, from the 48V safety voltage, MSD maintenance switch, LED work lights, emergency stop switch and advanced ROPS cab protection.

“We are confident our new excavator technology will provide operators with an entirely new experience, but offer new levels of comfort, convenience and multi-functionality,“ Mr Wei said.

“The units offer a zero tail rotation design, quick industrial 380V battery charging via a household 110-230V power source, an dual-way axillary and rotation lines. Operators will also benefit from lower costs thanks to the maintenance-free motor and battery, as well as long-life hydraulic oil.

“There are also the intelligent features including a 5-inch touch screen, central control panel, intelligent battery management system, electric proportional joystick, and adjustable auxiliary flow and pressure.”

Aside from the release of the electric wheel loader and excavator models, LiuGong has also introduced a new electric-drive Aerial Work Platform into its product portfolio, which have been designed with safety in mind, whilst transforming the way companies work at heights.

Me Wei said the Aerial Work Platforms are designed using high strength steel for structural integrity, added protection, and significantly reduced deformation in the event of collision.

“Our new work platforms provide the safest and efficient work environment possible. From a range of safety and security features, and a reinforced design that maximises stability at every height, to maintenance free materials, quick charging capabilities, and accessible controls, the machines have been purpose-built to suit industrial operations of all sizes.”

Visit AWRE 2023 this 26-27 July to find out more about Liu Gong Machinery Australia’s latest product lines at stand D6.
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