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Managing Waste Solutions for your business by leveraging Smart Technology and high-performance weight-controlled machinery.

Jul 12, 2023

Managing waste is more than landfilling: publicity, education, engineering, long-term planning, and landfill gas waste-to-energy are specialties needed in today’s complex environment.

Whether you are in the Food or Chemical industry or the Parts manufacturing industry, managing waste can be a top priority for many organizations. Weight-based control is an excellent choice for many machine builders and system integrators due to higher productivity and consistency of results when compared to other means. Moreover, an added benefit is that weight sensors or scales do not physically contact the products that they are measuring; this avoids cleaning and risk of cross contamination.

Mettler Toledo has solutions to solve your waste management needs and improve processes along the way, from floor scales, automation indicators and data collection software that can integrate seamlessly into your existing IT systems. Let’s look at a few of the solutions below:

PowerDeck™ – Floor Scales

Introducing PowerDeck™ the first proposed solution in your action plan to tackle waste management and the four reasons why you should choose to utilize these digital floor scales. PowerDeck™ has realtime operator guidance, designed in rugged and precise construction, comes with a reduced cost to maintain and has improved visibility and diagnostics compared to other analog technology. Floor scales are an integral part of many bulk production processes; however, dated weighing technology can also be a source of headaches in various production areas. The PowerDeck™ digital floor scale takes aim at each major problem – leaving you with four above compelling reasons to adopt this new technology.

PowerDeck™ Digital Floor Scales for Sale | METTLER TOLEDO (mt.com)

IND360 – Weight Processing Terminal

The IND360 Ultra-Fast Processing Weighing Terminal is the next proposed solution with Weight indicators for automating rate control, tank scales and filling systems.

It’s Cutting-Edge Performance through ultra-fast processing connected to the world’s most widely used PLCs, the IND360 terminal helps to boost productivity and increase operational uptime. Use the condition monitoring and Smart5™ alarming to ensure your system is performing as expected and to react quickly if issues arise.

IND360 supports:

  • Analog Scales
  • POWERCELL® Scales
  • Precision Scales

Supported Simplified Integration, IND360 is available with certified automation interfaces, sample programming code, documentation and automation drivers including Rockwell EDS, Siemens GSD, GSDML and function block. The modern web interface allows convenient local and remote configuration and service.

Numerous Applications The pre-programmed application for semi- or fully automated weighing processes for tank vessel weighing allow you to benefit from METTLER TOLEDO’s weighing expertise to improve process throughput without spending time on custom programming.

Global Compliance The verified compliance of the IND360 product family with global regulations and standards enables streamlined procurement, faster implementation and more efficient startup of international processes and facilities without the usual headaches associated with exporting equipment.

Clear Process Visibility

IND360 offers instant visibility to process status and inventory levels via the web interface or the optional human-machine interface to keep you informed. You can be confident in your machine performance and avoid out-of-spec products and unnecessary waste before they become a major business concern.

IND360 DIN – Overview – METTLER TOLEDO (mt.com)


Collect+™ Software
Now that you have the tools in technology let’s look at the process of visualization and monitoring waste management. Our data software Collect+ is the final step in the process. It automatically pulls data from scales in your manufacturing operation and enables you to conveniently check weighing results and monitor where deviations occur so that you can immediately take action.

The software allows for dashboards to be tailored to your operation to bring a new perspective to your processes. They can be viewed from anywhere in your plant – even on tablet PCs. With simple drag-and drop functionality, you can create graphs, add icons and build gauges to highlight actual process parameters and recognize potential deviations.

This final piece in the puzzle will help you visualize your data in real-time and gain insight into your production process, whether your portioning food products, counting metal or plastic components, or monitoring levels in your chemical tank. Additionally, it can identify any waste in real-time to further achieve organizational goes of decreasing waste in your operations.

Collect+™ Data Collection Software – Overview – METTLER TOLEDO (mt.com)


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