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Jul 13, 2023 Event News

Established in 1988, Sancell has become a leading manufacturer of bubble and foam wraps, cold chain solutions, protective bags, and padded mailers for industrial packaging.

Located in Melbourne’s outer South-East, Sancell distributes its high-quality products across Australia and the Asia Pacific and can be found in many industrial to household items.

In early 2022 Sancell identified that they would benefit from additional in-house recycling capacities to reduce the intake of virgin polymers, reduce their waste to landfill and offer more environmentally friendly products to the market.


With three older PLASMAC machines operating already within the business, Davor Galista, the company’s Continuous Improvement Manager, reached out to CEMAC technologies, the Australian distributor of PLASMAC machines.

Based on the material samples of the PE foam waste provided, the PLASMAC Alpha 45 side trim repelletising machine was quickly identified as the most suitable solution for Sancell.

This newly developed model runs quietly, has a small footprint, and can match Sancell’s throughput of just 90kg per day – a low pace most machines find difficult to match. Davor said they were very happy with choosing the PLASMAC, since the machine is very affordable, whilst maintaining a high safety standards, great reliability, and easy maintenance.

Today the machine is installed right next to the foam extrusion line and the side-strips are fed directly into the intake feeding chute of the PLASMAC Alpha 45 recycling extruder. Davor reported that the machine ‘required no fine tuning at all’ and operated from day one without the need of other costly auxiliary equipment.

PLASMAC’s Alpha machines have the highest output per installed power in the market, making for low running cost and quick return on investment. Due to the direct extrusion design with no prior size reduction required, it allows Sancell to directly feed trims from neighbouring trimming equipment into the extruder. The Alpha’s Short Screw Technology, a short shear and low melt temperatures guarantee absolute minimum material degradation. The pellets are air dried and sent and collected only meters away.


By putting low waste and recycled content at the forefront of their business model, Sancell has increased recycled content in their thermal products – Armour, Silver, Sheen, and Phoenix lines to 50% in 2023. This contains 25% post-consumer and 25% in-house recycled material. Recycling in-house has greatly reduced waste disposal volumes and costs.


CEMAC technologies Jonathan Tan and David Goggin with Davor Galista, Sancell

When asked about the overall process in securing the new PLASMAC machine, Davor said ‘There is nothing I would change. Everything went very, very well from the first minute.’ CEMAC technologies did their research thoroughly and understood what was needed’.

CEMAC technologies is the Australian Distributor of the world leading plastics recycling machinery suppliers PLASMAC and EREMA. Offering experience and expertise in plastics recycling from in-house applications right through to post-consumer materials.

Register free for AWRE to visit the CEMAC technologies team at this 26-27 July, or delve in to their exhibitor page to see their line of circular machinery and equipment systems before the show!


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