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Waste Management maintains a strong presence in Global GreenTag

Oct 25, 2019 Industry Reports

Take a look at the new 4.1 version of the GreenTag Standard – open for review!

The Global GreenTag International Standard development team invite industry to review and comment by Monday, October 28th on the product certifier’s latest Standard v4.1  Industry participation in this stage of a Product Standard review is highly valued.  The Global GreenTag Standards Stakeholder program requires open and transparent processes, with adequate (minimum 30 day) comment periods and transparent reporting of outcomes with results of the review to be made readily available.

What’s new?

This v4.1 review of the The Standard is a Minor Review, says David Baggs, Technical Director and CEO of Global GreenTag International. Many of the changes are procedural e.g. minor error corrections and changes such as those due to Australia having moved from EU based Chemical Hazard assessments to the UN Globally Harmonised System (Au-GHS) e.g. changing language from ‘R-Phrases’ to ‘H-Statements’ and making interpretation easier for international use of the Standard now Global GreenTag is active in so many overseas markets.


The Standard now also addresses legislative changes in areas such as:

– National Construction Code -Fire Safety;

– Federal and NSW Modern Slavery;

– QLD Human Rights Act;

– Various Normative Standards reviewed and versions updated;


as well as introducing new Global GreenTag Services formally under the auspices of the Standard:

– Product Health Declarations (PHDs);

– HealthRATE;

– CarbonRATE;

– WaterRATE  and other future services.

The GreenTag Standard Scope Has Expanded

Overall, the Standard development team have explicitly expanded the scope of the Standard as well to allow GreenTag to specifically certify credits within rating tools that sit outside the actual bounds of the Standard, ie by adopting the specific requirements of the rating tool credits or labelling systems themselves to certify against including but not limited to WELL, LEED and LBC.


GreenTag have also:

  • Reviewed and re-aligned the Leather and Wet Process Natural Fibres requirements to bring them into alignment with the furniture fabrics existing requirements where the processes were in conflict.
  • Added expanded references to new databhubs that are receiving and publishing GreenTag Certification outcomes in various countries e.g. origin.build, ecomedes.com, sustainableminds.com etc.
  • Extended the cut-off for the elimination of orthophthalate plasticisers for another 3 years due to the lack of definitive scientific data on the endocrine disruption potential of this specific class of chemicals (not those already banned).
  • Aligned the Formaldehyde content requirements for composite wood and general Hazard Declaration cut-off definition with LEED and WELL product transprency credits more closely.
  • Added the semi-volatile VOC requirements from WELL.
  • Corrected incorrect clauses relating slip requirements of non-resilient flooring categories.
  • Amended the requirements for insect treatment of carpets; and
  • clarified International and Australian Local Procurement requirements.


The GreenTag Standard v4.1 Draft is available for public review until Monday, October 28th, 2019.


Download copies for review

GreenTag Standard v4.1 – Clean Copy

GreenTag Standard v4.1 – Track Change Copy


Enter your comments in the Standard Review Public Feedback Form


All comments on the Standard are to be emailed to:

mailto:[email protected]

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