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Celebrating 10 years of AWRE

Oct 15, 2019 Event News

In the lead up to the 10th edition of AWRE we caught up with Isuzu Australia to chat about how the industry has changed since they started exhibiting at AWRE 8 years ago.

Q.Why do you see the importance of exhibiting at AWRE?

A. Industry events such as AWRE are an excellent way for us to get our people and our product out in front of those at the coalface of their industries.

We’ve got a long history of seeking, receiving and implementing customer feedback, and it’s at events like AWRE that we receive a lot of that. It’s about connecting with and understanding the challenges, needs and requirements of stakeholders potentially using our products in the field.

Q.What value do you see in exhibiting at AWRE?

A. Being a very specific industry-based event, the format at AWRE presents us with some great value as an exhibitor and an event supporter.

As a truck OEM, our products could be seen as secondary in the broader overall waste and refuse process, but at the same time, they’re critical in many ways too.

Having a strong presence at AWRE is a unique opportunity to bring this industry to us once every year, and for us, that is a very important touch point.

Q. Why is it important for the industry to come together in this way?

A. As with any industry or sector, its important for stakeholders at different ends of the industry to share ideas and provide feedback.

We’re all aware of some of the local and international challenges facing the waste industry at the moment, so a gathering like this couldn’t come at a better time.

As a supplier of capital equipment, we’re pleased to be in the tent as it were, and be receptive to some of the thinking around the future of this critical industry. We’re here to learn and listen, and also educate when it comes to our product.

Q. As one of our longest running exhibitors, why do you see the value in coming back each year to AWRE?

A. As with the road transport world, we see the waste and refuse sector looking for greater efficiencies in everything they do.

It’s therefore critical to us to remain on top of those needs, be aware of what’s driving them, and be in a strong position to provide a solution where we can.

It’s our belief that Isuzu Trucks is here as a long-term transport partner, regardless of the vocation or industry you’re in. The waste sector is no different.

Q. What changes have you seen in the industry since you started exhibiting at AWRE?

A. This industry has changed enormously since we first appeared at AWRE.

Obviously, with some of the industry challenges playing out in the media at the moment, there’s plenty more change to grapple with, especially in the coming months and years.

From our perspective on the transport side, we’ve most definitely seen a shift towards the building of greater efficiencies into processes and equipment, with operators wanting better quality equipment with lasting reliability.

Q. How has your product, brand or service evolved/changed since you started exhibiting at AWRE?

A. The Isuzu product is ever-changing. We’re in an interesting situation here in Australia, where we simply must adapt our offering to suit Australia’s harsh environment and operational needs.

It’s a tough place to ply your trade, and over the last 30 years, we’ve become very adept at finding solutions to unique Australian challenges.

We don’t believe in resting on our laurels, and we’re constantly innovating to provide cost-effective and practical solutions.

You can see Isuzu exhibiting for the ninth time at AWRE 2019, on stand D22, simply register online for free!  

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