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Eriez Magnetics CleanStream ferrous process provides competitive edge in scrap metal market

Sep 27, 2017

Eriez says its innovative CleanStream process is revolutionising ferrous processing in the scrap metal market with best-in-class metal recovery rates and grade improvement.

The process consists of a PokerSort to extract long troublesome pokers early in the process, as well as a single or pair of P-Rex Drum Magnets to recover up to 99% of the ferrous product. It also includes the Shred 1 Ballistic Metal Separator to improve the product’s grade by reducing its copper content to low limits, which is typically below 0.20%. This system provides operators with a significant competitive advantage in the market, and improves overall recovery rates.

The PokerSort extracts pokers like automotive leaf springs, tie rods, steering and axle components and other generally uncooperative long shapes directly from the shred before the drum magnet. As pokers exit the shredder, alignment guides on the incline conveyor position poker-type objects parallel in the flow which increases the chances of tearing the belt. With Eriez’s technology, pokers are held in place by the magnets on the drum and as pokers reach the end of the conveyor, they are magnetically pulled over the PokerSort into a chute and collect in a bin or bunker.

Eriez says the P-Rex is by far the strongest drum magnet available on the market today, with P-Rex permanent rare earth circuit design delivering 40% greater strength than typical electromagnets. The P-Rex also provides edge-to-edge performance and has enormous pick-up. What this means is greater recovery rates of up to 99%, and every tonne processed generates significantly more profit. The new Traction Plate incorporated with the P-Rex aids cleaning by reducing the “clumping” effect on the cleats, and therefore, less fluff and dirt is entrained.

The Shred1’s ballistics enable operators to automatically produce a premium #1 low-copper ferrous product. Its high-speed processing sends clean, high-grade ferrous on a different trajectory than “mixed metals” like meatballs and wire harnesses that contain some copper. These mixed metals degrade the ferrous product and often render the frag fraction to low value uses such as rebar production. Premium low-copper ferrous is highly valued by most steel mills.  The more ferrous recovered from the shred, the greater the profit. The Shred1 not only offers low copper frag, but data shows labour costs can be reduced as only 25% of the total product will report to the picking station. There is more accessibility to pick copper bearing materials efficiently so fewer pickers are required.

Ferrous recovery represents the greatest opportunity scrap operators have to increase their bottom line. Eriez’s innovative CleanStream Process sets a new standard in scrap metal separation with PokerSort, P-Rex, and the Shred1 Ballistic Metal Separator. Working in tandem, this equipment leads to better recovery and a higher-grade ferrous product while delivering it at a lower cost per tonne.

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