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[EXHIBITOR FEATURE] Corporate recycling can be a beautiful thing

Jul 1, 2016

pic method

AWRE Exhibitor, Method wins bronze award at the NZ Best Design Awards for their office recycling bins and packaging. 

Method, a New Zealand company specialising in office recycling, have been favourably compared to Dyson by leading New Zealand architects.

Co-founder India Korner explains “Companies today spend a huge amount of time and money to create offices that convey who they are and help to attract and retain staff.  Firms aim to be sustainable…we wanted a bin that had an aesthetic to work in the modern office.  A product good looking enough companies didn’t need to hid it away”

Steve Korner, mechanical engineer and co-founder describes their research process “we spent two years researching the process of office recycling. Talking to all those involved; Cleaners, Office Managers, Facility Mangers, Property Managers, Executives, Designers and Architects.  To ensure our bin would really function well for all the stakeholders involved.”

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