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Great coffee, without the waste

Jan 7, 2017

A new Australian invention allows cafes to use 80% less plastic, and also makes a great coffee.

Known as the Juggler, the machine allows any organisation serving milk based drinks to cut packaging and serve precise quantities.

Featured at AWRE 2016, the Juggler will be used on coffee carts as part of the event’s Towards Zero Landfill Project – which aims to use local innovations to improve resource recovery.

In the lead up to the event – Ben Curtis from Six Simple Machines – inventors of the Juggler, spoke about this unique Australian invention:

Why did you decide to bring the Juggler to market? Ross and Adam designed and built our first prototype specifically for a tiny hole in the wall cafe in Sydney that needed a solution for handling the high volume of plastic bottles they were throwing out every day.

Six Simple Machines decided to create a system that significantly reduced waste and improved the workflow of a busy café.

This initial period provided us with an understanding of the operational and physical demands a busy cafe would place on a milk dispensing system. In August 2011, we decided that we would take what we had learned from the first machine and design a system that could work well in any cafe.

We spent thousands of hours designing, prototyping and testing components that would eventually become part of The Juggler cafe milk tap system.

The Juggler is the world’s first purpose designed and built milk dispenser for the cafe industry and we currently service about 400 venues around Australia and New Zealand.

What are the economic benefits of using the Juggler? The Juggler improves the workflow and speed of service of a café, enabling them to sell more coffee, and by reducing both plastic and milk waste, this also assists in cutting back operating costs associated with waste.

What are the environmental benefits of using the Juggler? The major environmental benefit of using The Juggler is waste reduction. Customers report they’re producing up to 80% less plastic waste using The Juggler, as bottles are replaced by 10 litre bladders. The volumetric dosing patented by The Juggler results in precise measurement of milk each and every time which means less milk is wasted along the way.

How can this benefit scale in large organisations? Large organisations looking to improve their own waste management systems use The Juggler as an easy and practical way to contribute. Our great working relationship with McDonalds is an illustration of this. The Juggler also helps operators to regulate milk volumes, consistency of product and improve the work environment for their staff.

Six Simple Machines welcomes inquires for waste and sustainability managers.


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