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Planning for the future of recovery in Victoria

Jul 20, 2016

Efforts by the Victorian State Government have finally put waste management on the planning radar.

While water, road and railways have long been subject to Statewide plans, for too many decades resource recovery facilities weren’t part of this important process.

Last year Victoria led the nation by releasing its 30 year state infrastructure plan for waste and resource recovery.

Now, 12 months later find out more about how the plan has come to life and what has been delivered and achieved from lead Victorian Government agency – Sustainability Victoria.

Over the last year Sustainability Victoria has been activating the plan by developing and launching its priority strategies and services, including the –
• Investment Facilitation Service,
• Collaborative Procurement Service,
• Waste Data Service,
• Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy, and the
• Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources.

A highlight for the waste and resource recovery sector was the launch of the new Investment Facilitation Service.

The service is a response to industry identifying barriers to investment in resource recovery infrastructure that requires government support to overcome.

To do so, the service works with existing and prospective investors to:
• Promote local investment opportunities,
• Support the development of investors’ business cases, and
• Co-ordinate the investor relationship with government and industry.

Sustainability Victoria has developed a pipeline approach to investor relations.

The service has engaged with 84 investors in its first year of operation and provided additional assistance to 60 of these to help progress proposals. Eight projects had advanced further by the end of 2015/16.

Now, Sustainability Victoria will be presenting on these plans and new services at AWRE 2016.

To learn more about the state infrastructure plan, the investment service and other implementation successes see Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan, present at 10:30am, Wednesday 10 August. Alternatively visit Sustainability Victoria’s exhibition booth – K26.


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