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New technology is offering mobile metals separation for both ferrous and non-ferrous streams

Jul 27, 2016

Skala offers mobile metals separation

Manufactured by UK recycling specialist BlueMAC, and distributed in Australia by Skala, the All Metal Separator (AMS) has recently become available locally.

Director of Skala Australia, Simon Toal, said the technology will help deliver a new level of sophistication into recycling markets.

Toal described how the tracked AMS offers flexibility – it can either compliment stationary recycling plants or be used as a standalone unit for onsite separation at facilities such as organics processing or demolition sites.


The AMS is designed to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from diverse feed materials – including municipal and commercials organics streams. It has even been used successfully on power station ash.

The AMS consists of a vibratory pan feeder discharging onto a rare earth magnetic drum separator. The ferrous material moves around the drum and is deposited onto a conveyor for discharge. The remaining feed material continues along a belt to an eddy current separator. Any non-ferrous material is propelled over a barrier onto a second conveyor and again discharged at the side of the machine.

The machine is designed to create two dividends – a non-ferrous and ferrous resource stream, as well as a high quality end product free of contaminants.

The new equipment adds to Skala Australia’s existing range, which includes screens, trommels, conveyors, material separation equipment and more.

Toal will be available to discuss mobile metals separation as well as other Skala solutions at AWRE 2016. Alternatively, contact Simon Toal at [email protected].


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